Movie Review: Gangster

Blame it on my cousin who reached the place late and we missed whole 5 minutes in the beginning. OK! Let me get back to movie review…

The movie is little different and the story is unpredictable…and for a change, our kissing champion Emran Hashmi has acted well…

The movie is about love story between A gangster, his girlfriend and the person who falls in love with gangster’s girlfriend…Akash (Emran Hashmi) who falls in love with Simran (Kangana) who happens to be girlfriend of gangster Daya (Shiney Ahuja)…rest of the story…let Sarita Tanwar from Mid-Day narrate it

The film highlights the romance between a bar dancer Simran (newcomer Kangana) and a gangster, Daya (Shiney Ahuja).

Life changes for Daya after he encounters Simran. But the vile ways of his business eventually drive the couple apart.

While Daya remains busy travelling across countries, a lonesome Simran finds solace in her friendship with Akash (Emraan Hashmi), a singer in a local Indian restaurant. But Akash isn’t content with that; he’s in love with her.

The problems begin when Simran, too, reciprocates his feelings and just when they think everything’s right, Daya returns to face his beloved’s two-timing.

Still ready to forgive her, Daya promises to quit the world of crime. But just when he’s set to embark on the right track, he’s hit with the greatest betrayal of all.

Only that’s just the tip of the iceberg � as the story unfolds, the conspiracy only thickens, leading to a climax that’s both shocking and disturbing.

On the story part, the story is very good and unpredictable, just unexpected things happen in the climax…

On the acting part, Shiney Ahuja – he rocked in the first half…not much of dialogues but the expression said it all…very impressive but an emotional scene between Kangana and himself screwed things bit….the way he was crying made the emotional scene as a good comedy scene…but apart from that he was pretty good….. our kissing expert Emran Hashmi, he was pretty good….he is better in serious roles…(he was good in Zeher too) but the winner is Kangana….she is just superb….there were emotions in her acting….very impressive…..

On the music part, Excellent music….specially Bheegi Bheegi and Mujhe Mat Roko (played in the end)

So overall, I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5 and it is definitely a must watch…


  1. I want to watch the movie too. Yesterday I downloaded all it’s songs and liked them a lot especially because I am a fan of Emran Hashmi.

    BTW, Nice Review!

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  3. I beg to differ with your review. I know that one man’s food is another man’s poison. And I respect your likes. But I want to point out the film was just painful to sit through. Maybe I should have opted to watch Pink Panther instead.

  4. Sneha, Pink Panther is probably THE most painful movie of this century! Steve Martin with a fake French accent is completely unbearable!!

  5. Pink Panther – I had DVD of that movie, started the movie and stopped in next 5 minutes…the movie might be good but I somehow did not like it from begining itself..

  6. Just saw the movie today. It wasn’t upto my expectations. Looking at the title I did expect a bit of action to be there. But, it wasn’t as much as I expected. The twist in the end is really good. And the movie has nice music too.
    Maybe I will see this movie in theatre again after a big blooper last time.

  7. today i watched the movie Gangster on my PC . the music is superb
    i liked Bheegi Bheegi , ya ali the most.
    story is good, worthy to watch (atleast on computer)
    i listened songs continuously thrice.
    fanaa ‘s music is also good

  8. Today I am going to watched the movie Gangster which my dad rented for me yesterday, I watched a bit from the begining yesterday night.The songs I like the most in this movie are Ya Ali and so many other songs but they were not as good as Ya Ali! So, I am so excited about that I am going to watch the whole movie today!

  9. love the film, the songs are great especially(dont knw if iv spelled that rite) ya ali
    iv downloaded all the songs and im a fan of emraan hashmi,’the kissing champian’ ha ha ha

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