Multiplexes or Loot Bazaar?

The entry of Multiplexes has almost killed the future of single screen theatres and in one way it is good also that you get to feel totally new environment, different from those old fashioned single screen theatres. And now if you see, most of the people go to multiplexes only. (Talking about Mumbai) And these multiplexes are taking advantage of this and trying to make some quick bucks by looting people.

Imax Adlabs Wadala – Most of the time I visit this place for many movies, excellent place and environment. But ticket rates are not fixed. If the movie is Amitabh Bacchan (or any super star) starrer, the price of the tickets will go up. I had paid Rs. 175 per ticket for flop movie, Family (2nd day) which is approx. 50% extra compared to normal rates. (Normal rates are around Rs. 110 stall and Rs. 130 upper stall). The food inside the multiplex is very good but again, the prices….I had to pay Rs. 25 for 1 lt. water bottle, which costs Rs. 11-15 outside. 450 ML coke costs Rs. 40 (outside Rs. 20), a pack of popcorn costs Rs. 40 (outside Rs. 10-15 max). and they sell Sugarcane juice too…Rs. 40+ lol, we get it for Rs. 6 outside…

Now, let’s take a look at R-adlabs Mulund, this one is costlier than Imax (Imax is far more better than Radlabs). These guys have started real loot. Yesterday, I paid Rs. 130 for the ticket (stall) for the movie Gangster. (It released 2 days back) After 4-5 days, rates will go down for the same movie and will be reduced to Rs. 100 instead of Rs. 130. and that’s more…the food and beverages are extremely costly inside. 450 ML coke costs Rs. 45 (Imax Rs. 40), Pack of popcorn costs Rs. 45 (Imax Rs. 40)…I know, the difference is only Rs. 5 but the main part is, quality and theatre environment. Quality of popcorn is bad and theatre is nothing, compared to Imax…

But whatever the theatre environment is, points here is, there should be some law which should restrict these guys to sell things at exorbitant rates but I do not think so it will be possible in near future…..

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  1. in delhi the rates are fixed 125 per show… no upper stall, lower stall… in the morn rates are 100.. but again the food is very very costly… but satyam here provides free drinking water… so no sweat…Fun cinemas are damn costly with 150 for morn show… 175 for others…. food is even more costlier… and popkorn rates are almost similar as mentioned by u

  2. Well Deep if they are giving the packets of chips or a Pet Coke or any other soft drink for more then the M.R.P then you are lieble to sue them up.I remember PVR in Delhi got sued and a lady got around 1 Lakh as per rembursement and the company had to pay the fine.

    You may enquire and think of it.

  3. That’s a nice Idea. I have written about it to Mid Day news paper, lets see what they have to say about it…

  4. deep u forgot the 30 Rs. of parking in IMAX Wadala …
    in a day if u count 3 shows in one screen .. and on screen has more thn 100 seats .. now count the people coming to watch these shows and car parking fees they pay .. in one day only car parking money must be earning more thn maximum 10,000 i guess …. 😐 …
    loot hi loot..
    hey good title for A new movie based on theaters πŸ˜€ wht say …. πŸ˜‰ hehehhe …

    so guys wait for the new movie “loot hi loot”

  5. aah forgot to mention the 75 Rs. of “Red Bull” ….
    i dont know the rate of Red Bull out side but still ths red bull tin is very small .. and i will never give 75 rs for tht … 😐

  6. Hi Deep,

    If you really want to change time when you go and buy, just keep the packet (and ask for a bill-if possible).

    Just note down the exact rates and write a letter/fax to MRTPC – Bikaner House Baracks. Shahjahan Road. New Delhi 110011.

    They are waiting for a complaint and they’ll take action.
    Read the following –

    Do mail me if you need any help.

  7. mine think also same like other ppl, Loot hi Loot in ADLABS, first of all always ticket rate are different, and its so costly. and same Loot hi Loot for car parking, and there is no responsibility of security regarding vehicle theft or loss.

  8. Hi, Consumer issues are rising and some company are not taking any action against it, a company which i know is ICICI , a top shop financial institute but when we are talking about their services is nearly in minus, the sales team is very good they just told you many fake things and if you called them for the services they switch off their mobile phone, I had a marin insurance from ICICI, poor and pathetic service the only word for them, finally i knocked the online consumer court door and submit my complaint over their, they replied me within no time with the proper solution. If someone is facing any problem with ICICI just drag them to the consumer court. They want this only

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