Movie Review: 36 China Town

“China”, when we hear this word, first thing we think is, cheap and low quality. Well, Rediff and IndiaFM almost made me believe that this movie will also be like cheap chinese products. After reading reviews on these sites, I had almost madeup the mind that, this movie is going to be one of the worst movies of Indian Cinema. (That’s what rediff had quoted it by giving 1 star) But when I watched the movie, I was trying to find what in the movie was worst….the movie was pretty good, infact…It wasn’t a super hit kind of movie but it is definitely, “one time watch” movie.

The story is about murder of Casino owner Sonia Chang (Isha Kopikar)….let Mid Day say it in a better way….

The thriller specialists, Abbas-Mustan, return with what they’re best at � a murder mystery. Sonia (Isha) lives in a place called China Town, in Goa, and runs a casino called Hollywood.

When her son goes missing, she puts out an advertisement offering a cash reward of Rs 25 lakh to anyone who can locate her son. Raj (Shahid), a struggling actor, and runaway bride, Priya (Kareena) meet the kid by chance and agree to become partners in the booty.

But when they finally reach Sonia’s mansion late at night, they find her dead. Enter the suave police inspector (Akshaye) who’s hell bent on solving the case.

Nobody is spared; everyone’s a suspect in this whodunnit including other characters like Paresh Rawal, Johnny Lever, Tanaaz Curim, Payal Rohatgi and Upen Patel.  And as the film unravels, the needle of suspicion keeps shifting from one to the other.

The movie also includes return of Johny Lever in A grade movies….and he was just too good….many of the scenes in the movie will make you laugh loudly…(atleast they did to me)

On the acting part, all the actors have acted well, no overacting and all. Johnny Lever and Paresh Rawal were the best part of the movie. Upen Patel, it was his debut movie but the sad part was, his voice was dubbed. (For the simple reason, his hindi sucks like hell)

On the music part, well,  Himesh Reshammiya haters might not like it but the music is a hit..specially the Ashiqi song…other songs are also ok ok….

Overall movie was good, I would give it 2.5 stars out of 5


  1. hmm i was anyways gonna see it if possible that is living in chennai ends making you lazy when you want to go out. The review sounds good.
    Hey yeah thanks for the review Deep

  2. I saw it last saturday… and it was worth it..

    I never even felt the presence of Shaahid and kareena. Thank god I didn’t. Paresh Rawal was at his best and with Jonny lever there is nothing there for you to bargain.

    I would say total timepass movie
    my ratings…
    1) Movie Plot – 1.5 /5
    2) Actor/Actress – 1/5
    3) Paresh and jonny – 5/5
    4) climax – do we have negative ranking ??
    5) Over all – 3/5

    if it missed the commedy it would have sucked big time…
    well worth my 90 bucks… but again it is watchable only once..

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