Indian Music – Where is the original music?

Till now I was in impression that Annu Malik is the only one who is into ripping the songs directly but today I got to know that, every music director of Indian Film Industry is into ripping the songs straight from the original tracks. (Ofcourse few directors like A.R. Rahman, Sandeep Chowta are not included in this)

Let me start from the recent movies…

Krissh – Rajesh Roshan, how many liked the song Dil Na Diya? Well, tune is lifted from the original song Ceddin Deden by Ottoman Military Project

Okay, now let’s talk about superhit soundtrack of Gangster, Pritam is the music director. I guess Ya Ali was the best song of the soundtrack….but wait…’s a ripped one from the band called Guitara, the original song name is Ya Ghali and 2nd best song of the movie was Bheegi Bheegi, oh wait, this one is also ripped….this one is from a Bangla band called Mohiner Ghoraguli, the song is Prithibi, one more, Lamha Lamha is ripped from Pakistani singer Waris Baig’s track Kal Shab Dekha
How many liked Fanaa music (Jatin Lalit) ? Specially the song, Chanda Chamke, it was ripped from one of their songs Yara Yara from Hum Tum…but, was that original? NO, it is a ripped song too…the original song, al-Samra Wil Beyda is by Miami Group

Few more popular hit songs which are ripped from other songs, Urzu urzu durkut from Yahaan (Shantanu Moitra) is ripped from the 1993 track Dulaman by Altan, Gela Gela from Aitraaz (Himesh Reshammiya) is lifted from R Kelly’s song, Thoia Thoing.

The list is endless and these guys are never going to stop ripping songs from the original ones. I must start listening to Arabic music, 90% of the songs are ripped from Arabic music.

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  1. very true Deep, you will find every second song ripped from one or the other old or other language song ….
    and Deep please use the word “inspired” 😉


  2. i dunno what to do with the indian music industry.
    Every one is getting too inspired as megha said.

    Thanks to Ace composers like Rahman who saves the industry.

  3. Hi Deep!

    You missed the list… few tracks of Ibrar like December (in chocolate) and Ali Zafar (channo and Rangeen) are copied in the rescent movies. Then, Mahesh bhut uses the same voice (Atif’s in movies Zehar and Kalyug) with differet lyrics on songs from Jal.

    Also, for those who love Himesh… the hit Ashiqi track from the movie “36 China Town” is so called INSPIRED by the track “Tu hi Tu” of AR Rehman… :D. Movie is “Kabhi na Kabhi”.

    Also, you misses the term Remix… Exact tune with…

    So, list is endless…

  4. oh yeah I missed chocolate… there is pyare mohan too and lot of stuff.

    This makes me sure that, the recent Himesh hits must be so called “inspired” versions of arabic tracks…

  5. Don’t know about the other songs, as for Bheegi Bheegi, Pritam bought the copy right of the song Prithibi from the wife of deceased Gautam Chatterjee, founder of Mohiner Ghoraguli! At least, he did this one legally 🙂

  6. Hey Urchin..You said… Mahesh bhut uses the same voice (Atif’s in movies Zehar and Kalyug) with differet lyrics on songs from Jal.

    Actually what happened is previously the main Singer in JAL band was Atif Aslam when some songs of JAL’s aadat album were done collectively by Atif and Gauhar(The Guitarist of JAL band). Due to Atif’s Voice the Aadat song became a hit (Due to live concerts) in Pakistan and before releasing itself both guys split due to their Discripancies and Atif released a SOLO album called JALPARI( and JAL band took a new lead singer called Farhan Saeed and Released the album AADAT. Mahesh Bhatt took rights from Atif who said he Created and Popularised the Woh Lamhay song but Gauhar said its his song…Same applied to Aadat song which is (Zuda hoke bhi…in KALYUG) song…Check out for album JALPARI. So u cant take it as a rip. Its clearly mentioned that Zuda Hoke bhi is composed by Gauhar and rearranged by another guy. So first collect enough info. before posting….

  7. Hi Roxy..

    I think you take my wording very seriously. I knew what ever you has said. Just to tell you, that is why I used the words “So called Inspirations”. I did not mean to offend any one.

    Let me tell you something, You know High Court of pakistan has prohibited Atif to include the songs Aadat and Woh lamhey in his album as they are they belong to someone else, that is why you can’t fing the songs in his album “Jalpari”. So how can you say key…”Mahesh Bhatt took rights from Atif who said he Created”. I think you got my point…

    And above all it has nothing to do with you and me… so cheers…

    But again my applogies if some thing from me offends you… No hard feeling buddy.

  8. There are only 7 notes in music so its on how the probabality is worked out.The same tune can be expressed in various ways….like I can say “Bollywood is the best” and I can say “Bollywood! is theeeee Best!” Its the way one wishes to express.And it hardly matters as long as it sounds good.however if its obvious that its copied then its no more an inspiration.Cheers! to ALL the people who make lovely music and people who enjoy listening !

  9. ya cool dude true you are.But there are 8 notes in music ( Sa Comes in higher and lower octave) ,Moreover in between of Sa and Re .There aroung 256 different “notes” So total notes available to us is 256 X 8 now by using permutation and combinations Total number of ways available to us is around (2048)! ,Also we have numerous ragas ( say 8) So total ways available to us is
    8 ! X 2048 ! …. Just imagine the number of ways
    So how can a person copy,

    Ps : i may be poor in permutation calculations .Please dont take it seriously

  10. Sandeep Chowta does copy too. Check out his page on

    And of course ARR is not too different.

    How about these similarities to some R D Burman songs:
    RD’s GORI ho kaali ho ya nakhrewali ho (Biwi o biwi)
    ARR’s CHORI pe chori (Saathiya)
    you will also find it in Laxmi Pyare’s GORI ka saajan saajan ki gori (Aakhri raasta)

    Note how even the lyrics are similar (GORI, CHORI)… this sounds like more than a coincidence!

    And guess what… a slight but unmistakeable notes+lyrics similarity to a Jatin Lalit song who many but not all ARR fans think low of:

    Listen to ARR’s song from Rang de basanti:
    Lukka chhupi bahut hui… AAJA NA

    as compared to

    Jatin Lalit’s Raja ko rani se pyar ho gaya:
    Aao sune sapnon mein ghule nagme… aao na AAO NA

    Listening only to AAJA NA from the ARR song and the second AAO NA from the JL song makes me think if this similarity is more than incidental. Add to it the fact that ARR apparently liked the “Aao sune” song and personally called JL to tell them so!

    Then there is this one too:
    RD’s song from Seeta aur Geeta:
    Zindagi hai khel, koi pass koi fail, KHILADI HAI KOI ANARI HAI KOI


    And then this similarity to the Shankar Jaikishen song
    SJ: Pyar Hua Iqraar Hua
    ARR: Muqqala muqabla
    (The latest one was pointed out by none other than the most experienced player in this game- Mr Bappi Lahiri)

    If these similarities are incidental then every other is! We have to use the same stick to measure everyone. To be fair to all composers I have to say this inspite of being ARR’s fan.

    Lastly a couple of commets on Yaara yaara/ Chanda chamke. This may be inspired from the mid-eastern song, but it also might be a rehash of “Ho gaya hai tujh ko to pyar sajna”. Note that it has the same meter. Sing the lyrcis without the tune but with the meter and you will notice it.

  11. i like or dont like but u like i like say where is song to like which insti gates anyones heart

  12. Hi Abhijeet!

    I think you need to listen to all songs which you mentioned in your comment. I found a very slight resemblence for the song “Chori Pe Chori” but again the theme and momentum of both songs (RD’s GOri ho ya…) are very different.

    As per Luka Chuppi (Rythem based sound) and Muqqabla (pure Rythem)… i think you are totaly wrong. Niether me nor my friends can find any resemblence to the songs you mentioned. Raja ko Rani sey and Payar Hua iqrar hua are great songs based on some great melodies and everyone used to listen them very often but as per resemblence is concern i think it is just you are going on the feels of the words.

    As per Dil se re… i hav’nt heard the song with you are comparing will try to listen to that as well and will check but there i can feel that it is very hard to find any thing similar.

    Let me tell you one thing, if two songs are based on same raga with different words you find some feel of similarity… that is exactly the case with words… two different phrases with same feel also falls in the same category.

    And in the last, i was listening to some critic a few days ago… and he pointed out that ARR is the first person who changed the melody scene of india with Rythem and Sound. So if there is a feel of words which makes you think that the songs are copied or something like that… i think it won’t be fair.

    And above all, why is it so late that people are pointing out such things… like in case of Dil se re and Muqabla…. and as per you suggesting that muqabla is a ripped (Inspired) from Payar hua iqrar hua… two of history most wanted songs i guess and one should get this as soon as he hears.

  13. Hi Abhijeet!
    I’d like 2 say that there r every chance 2 b a copier in d biz of music.
    I think a composer has d right 2 use his old tune.But I don’t want him 2 do such thing.But if he does this then it’s up 2 d audiences whether 2 appreciate d song or not.
    Jatin-Lalit r using their tune of “Yaara Yaara” in “Chanda Chamke” & in “Chaand Sifarish”.
    Again they r using their haunting tune of “Tujhe Dekha To Yeh Jaana Sanam” 4 “Neal ‘N Nikki”.
    Even d trend is very common in d West also.
    Blue has rehashed its own song “All Rise” 2 compose “Fly By”.
    ‘N Sync has done d same in d making of “Pop” from “Bye Bye Bye”.
    2 songs by Enrique Iglesias “Bailamos” & “Rhythm Divine” sound d same 2 any ear.
    Listen 2 Lou Bega’s “Mambo No. 5” & “I Got A Girl” 4 ur satisfaxn.
    But how can a composer take a pinch from somebody else’ platter?D list of such chetares r endless.
    1.Anu Malik.He’s d leader of all doubtlessly.Most of his songs r d rehashes of d old hits.”Are Baba Are Baba Ladka Deewana”, “Apne Jahan Ke Hum Badshah Hain” & “Chakle Chakle” r inspired from “Macarena”, “Where Do You Go” & “Turn Me On”.
    2.Rajesh Roshan has taken a tune of A. R. Rehman 4 his song “Dhoop Nikalti Hai Jahan Se”.
    3.Avadhoot Gupte has taken d rhythm of “Summer Of ’69” 4 his “Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha”.
    4.”Jab Kisi Ki Taraf Dil Jhukne Lage” is inspired from “Cloud Number Nine”.

  14. Urchin,
    I was referring to Raja ko rani se the movie not the song (which is inspired by the Godfather tune)
    These observations were made soon after the songs were heard though you see the comments here now.
    I agree many similarties are incidental. But the problem is some music directors are people’s favourite punch bags when it comes to similarities while they ignore that such similarties can be found in almost everyone’s music including Rehman’s.

    Rohit, Neil & Nikki is not Jatin Lalit. Thanks for telling me they have entered the league of all time music composers like R D Burman who become inspirations for future generation composers:-)

    Rehashing is very common. I have a full list of rehashed songs (part or full) by RDB, ARR, Jatin-Lalit, Nadeem Sharavan, you name it.

    Actually I am of the opinion that we should not worry too much about inspirations etc. And certainly not reject some music composer only for this reason. Like or dislike him/her for his music instead.

    After all you can choose to look at thorns even if you are presented with a basket of roses. But who is at a loss in such a case?

  15. Urchin,

    Actually I just found on the internet this song from Seeta aur Geeta “Zindgai hai khel koi paas koi fail’ on
    Just search for film name “Seeta” and you will get songs of Seeta aur geeta. Now listen to Zindagi hai khel (Manna Dey & Asha).

    O babu samjhe kya… O lala samjhe kya…
    Oh sure! This is just like “Dil se re dil se re….”

    and then “Khiladi hai koi anari hai koi” is like “Bandhan hai rishton mein kaanton ki taare hain” although Rehman has very intelligently masked this part!

    Again, don’t get me wrong. I love ARR’s music. I am just saying he too has been inspired by others.

  16. Hi Abhijit!

    Got your point but I am still of the view that it is the words that creates such impression on our ears. They make us believe that there is something common (and it is not).

    And above all agree with you that there is nothing wrong in being inspired and creating something good but what about those who just ripped from other. Add a word here and there and then release (Like Pritam and etc).

  17. Hindi film music composers are professionals who have to work hard;-) to stay in business… after all as they are not doing a 9 to 5 job with a guaranteed salary. Yet, some of them are only businessmen and some still try to be “artistes” in addition to being businessmen!

    I haven’t heard a lot of Pritam. He as well as Vishal & Shekhar are good but not good enough as yet for a die hard fan of melody makers such as Pancham, Jatin-Lalit, Rehman.

  18. Dear sir!
    music in heart, and music in space, who can catchup is an reyal musican, if any musican creat it on fellings, base it is heat and stay heat for ever.
    Prem bhavsar

  19. can any1 tell me about “Ya Ali” song from “Gangster”.. i heard the same song but in arabic but i donno the title of it.. i see a alot of people sayin ya ali was lifted from “Ya Ghali” well to me they sound diffrent.. so can any 1 hook me up with the arabic songs title.. thank you

  20. This thread is quite for some time.. but still want to share with you guys. The main reason being i am listening to it and have no body to share this… so if some one want to listen something orignal and pure (that is how i see this)… you must listen to the album “Between Heavan and Earth by AR Rehman”. Might not be liked by everyone … but still very good to listen and enjoy.

    PS :- To those who are looking for something orignal….

  21. Now the trend is ‘one original, rest ripped, and fill the album by adding remixes’. No one wants to create real music. They say “because of pirated CDs, music composer get less money as compared with previous, so they don;t want to put much efforts”.

  22. hi im doin a project on ur country and i need help im tryin to put this song on microsoft powerpoint and it cant fit can u help me find a smaller song plz thanks u

  23. hi im still doin mi project and im despret need help on finding information on their culture and anthing else would be great thanks pplz

  24. You need to convert the song to lower format using software like CDex and then use it. You can make it of around 96kbps


  25. thankx deep sry for late notiset so how can i find indian songs ive been seraching for them and i cant seem to find them do u no any web site thankx alot

  26. deep i already found a song the anthem song for india thankx any ways u realy helped alot thanks i will go on this web site if i need more help ill ask use pplz well bye for now thankz for the help

  27. um hi deep i need help im tryin to find indians family system i need the info i dont no where i could find it can u plz help me i tryed every thing i could posible do but i no im not doin the web sit write

  28. Thanks for the article. Yes, most of the music
    Composers today copy music from others.
    Sometimes, they don’t copy it still somebody
    complaints about it. A.R. Rehman is no exception.
    He also copies. May not be the song directly but
    mixing. His Saathiya was a copy, heard about it ?

    Anyway, Yr blog looks nice. Keep it up.

  29. I think Vishal Bhardwaj is original. A.R. Rahman
    copies too, copies from northern folk music and
    Arabian songs. But he has put them with too much
    flavor and they sound so wonderful.

    I like Ismail Darbar too.

  30. Pearl

    do you know saathiya is actually a tamil movie alaipayuthey …

    Well it was by mani ratnam and he had bought the rights for the backstreet boy songs. however rahman didnt agree to use it full and he changed it

    it was a huge some of money wch was paid by ratnam and in return ratnam sold chaiiya chaiiya i dontt hnk rahman copied in saathiya !

    coming to his northern folk music concepts.. he takes the flavor , for example in mangal pandey he took thumbri style for HOLI re and in GURU he took arabic flavor for mayya mayya

    so taking flaovor is not a COPY !

    i dont day rahman is 100% clean , but he is 95% clean and if eh steals he changes it so much that u cant find any similairty ! wat similaiorty abhijjet pointed out is on software loops wch all uses and u hav to have EARS to find them .

    i prefer rahman to ny oder music director … he is pretty original in the race of tainted copy cats .. !

  31. is saathiya copied? i dont think its copied. if so which song is copied and can u tell me the original track.

  32. all the songs bollywood copy are replicates or attempts to the originals done in arabic. i.e the king amr diab-awedoony – shukriya shukriya, alem alby – raqeeb-wasia jaane, ya ali, khalbeli, thre are many more..lets start off wid ar rahman ji..well he is a master isnt he?..he is inspired NOT by ARABIC music, but the truth is, his music comes from the raggae type arabic genre of music having its routes from algeria called RAI music, the traditional music of algeria. Although he doesnt copy diectly, he ammends and renders it to his style, which he makes it adapt to indian style of music..he can only master this because he is the onli director in the world which occupiess numerous musical instruments. Take a look at cheb khaled, cheb mami’s musics and listen and then compare with rahmans earlier tunes ‘sapnay’ to get an india……he also mizes spanish in with all the tunes..and uses the works of south indian released songs hes done to bollywood, lakeer and saathiya are direct examples..all the songs are the same from both films he made way earilier, alay payuthey and rythm.

    Secondly majority of indian directors, lol, pritam is an example…copies music directly, whether its the beat, the melody from the kings of arabic music, amr diab, ragheb alamaneh, nancy ajram..if u dont believe me then type in shukriya shukriya and awedoony, type in youtube, ya ali and ya ghali, type in jaine kaise and alem alby….indians r not being inventive enough in music choice…they ruin the suttle, equisite masterpiece of middleastern music…sometimes it works..i must admit jaane kaise worked well..well done full marks to that..however, its not makin agood impression for indian industry of film and music..we need innovation!invention!

    ok movies like another friend here typed before, mainly all movies bollywood are copied from the south…mani ratnam saathiya, dilse, bombay, although the latter were released at the same times in tamil and hindi, they used the same cast. saathiya was initially alay payuthey wid mathuvan and shalini..priyadarshan films are copies of malayalam mega hits i.e humgama – godfather, dhol – inhariharan nagar, dholi saja ki rakhna – aniyathi praavu, garam massala – boeing boeing, bhool buleiya-manichitrathazhu…

  33. I feel the starting part and tune of Rehman’s Rubaroo from Rang de Basanti has striking resemblance to and feels inspired from Breakfast at Tiffany of Deep Blue Something. What do you guys says?

  34. ____________________A.R. RAHMAN COPIED_________________

    I am sorry to say that Rahman copies.

    I am a huge fan of A.R. Rahman.Yesterday when i was listening to the track of Lion King’s ” Who do you love? who do u need when you come undone….” found similarities in opening tune of “Guzarish…” of Ghajini and theme and also background score of the total album.I have heard it several times before come to conclusion ARRahman has copied the tune of “Guzarish…”of the film Ghajini from Lion Kings track.
    Now i can say most of the track of the film were inspired by the song of Lion king like “kaise mujhe..”-a track of Ghajini but Rahman somewhere used different tempo & also used different instruments to make it bollywood type.
    Some variation was made by putting some new tune and feelings to it.
    But it fails to prove original. This may be the work load that made him doing that. But a legend like him should not do this.

    Just follow the link>>>>>>>>Listen to it and believe it…

    contact me…

  35. people how dont hve knowledge abt music will say ar rahman copied

    i see ignorance of people using itwofs as the base for the claim,which itself say loop or rythm copy but tune remain original.

    music programmer do use commercial loop as base to built tunes,tats not copy many musician around digital world used it.

    ask itwofs to publish their claim in authentic source like Wikipedia

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