Movie Review: Tom Dick and Harry

BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD, the movie name should be Sucks Sucks and Sucking. I am not even feeling like writing the review. The movie is about 3 guys, Tom (Deaf) Dick (Blind) and Harry (Dumb), they do all kind of stupid things for their neighbour Celina, they try their best to make you laugh but they fail miserably.

The theatre!! It seems that people have become smart these days. The theatre was full of couples, having good time. But before leaving halfway, we managed to have some good laugh by throwing paper balls on few of them šŸ˜›

So, to sum it up, the movie was bad in story wise, acting wise and music wise too. (Couple of songs are hit from that movie but songs are stuffed in the movie without any need)

I would give this movie -1 star out of 5, negative star is for wasting our Rs. 360 and hammering our heads with their so called humor..Deepak Tijori should understand that, he is a bad patch for Indian movies and should stop making such foolish movies. STAY AWAY from the movie!!!


  1. Its a remake from Tami Movie “1,2,3..” starring Jothika and Prabhudeva & Co.

    Indeed the Tamil version just had 1 acctress, wondering why when remade in Hindi needs 2 ?

    Anyways, even in Tamil, the movie was a flop šŸ˜›

    – Dreamchaser

  2. i think even 1 star will be a lot for the movie… i’ve not seent he movie yet, and i dont want to see it either, after reading its reviews!!

  3. Man, you seem to watch a lot of movies these days and most of them turn out to be pathetic. Wasting your time dude, learn to filter movies according to reviews.

  4. Hmmm…
    Deep is our in house Movie reviewer. Lol.. I just check here for the new movies that has released b4 venturing out! šŸ˜€

  5. Deep, wanted to ask you for a long time… you see atleast 3 movies per month in the Cinemas.. but with whom do you go out with? šŸ˜€

  6. Ashwin, I think you could have understood that by reading this post a bit more deeply. ;-)/

    Neways, doesn’t your girlfriend get bored watching dumb movies??

    But we’ve got some fab english movies lined up for release.

  7. One of the worst movie. Gulshan Grovers over acting. Poor screen play, filthy vulgar jokes wont even make laugh. Celine Jetly looks so ugly. Jimmy Shergill as a dumb was too much on many scenes irritating. Un-necessary songs. The whole movie is a waste. The producers wasted money by asking Dipak Tijori to direct such horrible movie

  8. Thnkx to all.

    now i would not waste my time either by going 2 c d movie or by listening to songs.

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