Pain in the…

I am in no mood to think a better title than this…for last few days my server is having strange problems…the load goes high at the times of some cronjobs, some scripts are causing the problems…

We managed to find (Andy from ServerTune and Me) few scripts causing the issue, I fixed those scripts too, the things went smoothly for 2 days and now today, the server started acting badly again…

Found 3-4 more scripts causing problems… fixed one of them in the morning, disabled 2nd site…made changes in the 3rd script and waiting for the owner of 4th script to come online, if he does not, I will have to disable his site πŸ˜€

I tried disabling those sites but still the server was acting that gave me a real headache…and that was not enough…chkrootkit script said, I have trojan installed on the server…(I hate false positives), now for last 3 hours I am tracing the real cause of the issue…

Digging the server like hell, checking cron files, error log files…it’s all pain….

My current situation – I am almost dead, no mood to work, need some good rest…


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    Good Night, Sleep tight.

  2. My blog is hosted in your servers and I was little worried about the traffic at my site tonight.. but so far since this evening no problems. πŸ˜€

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