Movie Review: Fanaa

1995, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge…2006 Fanaa, each and everything is changed in that span of 10+ years…but still Kajol remains same…so young, when I saw her in Fanaa it reminded me of her role in DDLJ…I could not believe, she looked so young, same as she looked in DDLJ…

Okay, now about the movie…


The movie is about: (Sarita Tanwar – Mid-Day)

The film begins amid the lush snow-capped valleys of Kashmir. Zooni, who’s blind by birth, lives a content life with her protective parents (Rishi Kapoor and Kirron Kher). Life changes for her when she comes to Delhi to attend a cultural festival and encounters a local tour guide Rehaan (Aamir Khan).

At the first meeting itself, sparks fly between the two. Love blossoms; the two decide to get married and Zooni even readies for an eye surgery that will help regain her vision.

But just when she starts seeing again, she’s informed that Rehaan has been the victim of a bomb blast. The truth is something else � Rehaan turns out to be a dreaded terrorist and has done the disappearing act.

Seven years later, after a confrontation with the Indian army, a seriously wounded Rehaan unknowingly lands up at Zooni’s house. Finally, torn between his violent fight for freedom and his love for Zooni, Rehaan has to make the ultimate choice.

The first half of the movie is good, it does not make you yawn but the 2nd half is bit slow and sometimes you feel like shouting “Please end the movie now!!” The 2nd half where Kajol and Amir Khan meets again is stretched a bit more than it was needed. The story is kind of predictable  (many of us might have got the SMS about Fanaa story)

So let’ sum it up..

Acting – Amir and Kajol rocked, Lara Dutta, Shiney Ahuja royally wasted, Rishi Kapoor & Kirron Kher were good, Satish Shah, nothing much to do (kind of wasted), rest of the actors were good..

Music – As mentioned in my Fanaa Music Review, the songs are ok but more you listen, more you like them…I used to hate Chanda Sifarish but now I like it…but still songs like Des Rangila and Chanda Chamke were not up to the mark at all…

Story – Story was good in the first half and was going on well but 2nd half made the whole story predictable…so overall story was kind of weak…

So what should we do? Watch it once and forget the much hyped movie 🙂

I would give it 2.5 stars out of 5


  1. Ashiwn – Lara Dutta is not even for 5 minutes 🙁

    Nirav – 1.5 Acting, 0.5 Music, 0.5 story, they win in the acting mainly according to me… 🙂

  2. Ohh… that’s bad.. anyway it got Kojol and I think I’ll go to the cinemas to catch up with the movie.

    Even in today’s Deccan Chronicle, they gave 2.5 stars.

  3. i m not going for the movie …. mmm it dosent interests me…. only the 3 songs -> 2 “Fanaa” songs and 3rd “Dekho na” …. and i have ’em on my pc 🙂 wht else i want 😀 ….

  4. The movie is such a let down. After trying something different with Hum Tum Kunal Kohli has gone back to typical bollywood massala formulae. Its just the kind of film I hate, where co-incidence plays the major role.

  5. 5 of 5 for Kajol……..

    i have not seen the movie…. but from promos and trailers…

    its kajol , kajol and kajol…

  6. aww u guys forgettin’ music, apart from kaJol…

    well well well… a 10/10 music juss means a lot..
    am i gettin’ so much excited kya? 😀
    its juss a’some..i love da music…

  7. tanxx
    if u want to annoy some one or take revenge ,give him a free ticket of fanaa

  8. the movie is so good that i cant describe it
    the acting,the background sounds,the scenes,the shairies,everything was really good
    i loved this movie………….

  9. @Saruk kan
    if u want to annoy some one or take revenge ,give him a free ticket of fanaa

    +1 here too 🙂 .. Well put dude.

  10. Kajol’s acting is superb… no questions about it. Other than that, i would have to agree with the rest of you guys … its a very disturbing movie …

    but still … Kajol managed to perform her best in this movie.

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