Here comes Rainy season…

What a way to start, it started raining around 10 PM here in Mulund, the smell of the earth is just awesome, I have been waiting for this time…

Currently it is 2.18 AM and the showers are not ready to stop, the sound of lightning is clearing saying that “I am not going to stop !!”

No power supply here…and MSEB’s phone line is always engaged…I am sure tomorrow trains will be delayed a lot because of this rain…(Mumbai is never prepared for the rains)

Let’s see what happens tomorrow…


  1. I hope it does not rain like last year when mumbai got submerged…. And sadly in Chennai it never rains….. Hope we get some rains in near future…

  2. Its good climate out here in Bhubaneswar!
    Last few years were curse…but its has be good weather as far as this year is concern!

    And deep, good advise, Keep a potable boat… case.

  3. It also rained here, in Karnal, heavily in the morning today. It was nice , but by evening It got more humid.Waiting to see some more of rains here as we dont have much problems with heavy rains except power supply off for few hours.

  4. Bangalore rocks.. we got broad proper day light with chilli breeze..
    evenings we are sure to expect few showers..
    most of the parts in bangalore receive drizziles.. makes weather more and more romantic..
    night it rains heavily..

    i bet bangalore has the best climate right now form other cities..

    btw deep i keep opening ur page to check ur new posts.. espicially after post.
    it was a long gap.

  5. Even i love rain … u know my name means Rain = Megha 😀 😉
    but its not the name …. Rain is the best … .. 🙂

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