Web1 Hosting – No more..

Okay guys, I am done with hosting now. I am no more going to provide hosting solution. I am gonna get rid of my dedicated server from next month, got myself a reseller account from HostGator and will move all my customers on it. (Not resellers)

I know, I know…you have many questions popped up in the mind…let me answer all one by one…

Q. 1. Why in the hell you decided to close hosting, it was doing good, right?

Ans. Well, Yes, it was going on smoothly, except few issues recently. (Which ranged from scripting issues to issues with mysql, exim and spamd..) The main reason for the closing the hosting  was (Actually I won’t say, close but in other words, I am reorganizing things. [right Ashish?]), as my main business being Web Design and SEO,  I could not spend more time on it. The hosting was taking lot of time in administration and specially at the time of critical situations, I had to spend whole days on it to dig out the problem. I had to work with other linux experts, I had hired to fix few issues. So all these things were taking lot of my time and my web design and SEO projects were getting delayed.

Now, this is what was affecting my business. But I tried my best to run both together but at one point of time, things become worse and un-manageable and I realized that, because of this, everything is getting affected. So finally, I took decision of closing the hosting section.

Q. 2. Great, this sounds like a good plan to run away with the money of customers!! What about them? Are you gonna leave them alone?

Ans. Oh yeah, I had a plan to collect as much as I can and then run away with the money and I succeeded in this too. So in short, all the hosting accounts will be deleted. Okay, enough…don’t press the panic button now.

The shared hosting customers (non-resellers) will always remain with me, I will move them to my hostgator reseller account and support will be provided all the time.

The resellers will have to move themselves within a month. I will keep this dedicated server for a month, so that they can plan their move. (All support will be provided in deciding new host)

Q.3 So what about the resellers who have already paid for the hosting?

Ans. I will refund them the amount after deducting the charges for the months they have used.

Q.4 So, this means, you will get lot of free time now?

Ans. Yes, compared to earlier days, lot of time. I can relax on sundays, I won’t have to be awake whole night to fix the server. I won’t have to worry about the load critical alert SMS whem I am out. But now, I will get more time to expand my current business and work more on my baby and yeah, I will get time to blog more frequently 🙂

I guess, that’s it…




  1. well buddy i got the same story.. one of my best friend, moved to ur servers coz i was not able to manage hosting stuff.. but in course of time things got well.. but i realised that hosting was eating my time.. me and other friends pooled for a dedicated server (works fine now as they re linux experts themselves)..
    Just like you.. i concentrated on design.. i am happy designing print ads, corporate brochures, and i can say corporate branding..
    yes, i do get lots of free time for myself, friends, and …..

    well u did not reply abt domain registrations.. wht abt them..

  2. hey deep,
    just saw that ur blog has a problem with the yellow bar.. it should actually surround the search box, but some problem too occured in my blog using the same theme was urs.
    open it in firefox you would see that whole side bar is yellow.. but works fine in ie..

    I teird all means fiddling around. i even tried just changing sidebar.php, .css file but nothing happened.. atlast i had to reinstall the whole theme..

    and hey. why not give ads abt some hosting company via email sent to customers to shift to their hosting.. and earn some quick bucks..

  3. oh.. no.. why cant i detele my comments..

    infact i got the solution.. Just delete ur top post or one of the post you recently published..
    i feel this problem occured after u posted abt ur closing of hosting server.. so delete the post and check ur site it would be fine..
    and re-post it..

  4. Santosh (Comment 1) – Basically, as long as things go well, everything is fine but once the problem starts, it does not let you relax….and critical problems, it might not let you sleep….

    Domain Registration – same like hosting, no more new registrations but old ones will be there…

    Santosh (Comment 2) – About advertising about other hosting companies to earn quick bucks, actually I wont recommend the company before doing a good research. Like i did for Hostgator.

    Santosh (Comment 3) – About theme bug, i will leave as it is…about comment deletion, it does not allow you because only admin can do it. 🙂

  5. Well a better decision mate.

    Well its better to get time for urself:)

    Well time+money= total life.
    If either isnt there life then life is a waste 😉

    Ok well best of luck for the on going stuff well


  6. i know i suffered lot sof sleepless nights fixing, lots of pressure from clients who were facing downtime..

    anyways now relax..
    get into designing.. i did that.. i earn to keep myself satisfied..

  7. Hmm, Hosting, SEO and designing are parts which I call same side of the coin.

    But the fact that one person doing all this is like too cumbersome.

    My suggestion quite would have been, get a dedicated / part time guy to look into linux based issues, which would not tie you up with server issues.

    You wouldn’t have needed to get a full time expert, just someone who you can reach by phone or foot or car or whatever means so that you can let him do the fixing.

    I am no linux expert but I handle and solve issues with over 50 of our servers, but when I can’t i just ask my system admin to do it rather than break my head.

    I am not in a position to advice as you already know, I would rather go with your decision though in case of you handling multiple issues altogether.

  8. Keith – Actually that is what I had tried earlier, I had hired not 1 but 2 companies to fix the issue and take care of the server in critical situation…in fact i was paying around 70$ per hour to one company (they had monthly plan too but I just needed their hourly help)

    2nd company used to charge $12 per hour and monthly $15 per month for monitoring, they are based in Cochin (Bobcares), they are very good in support but they fail to do the job quickly in critical situations…

    For e.g. a week back when some of their guy modified exim settings and enabled ACL, which made all mails from gmail bounce back and it was also sending all the mails to spool instead of inbox of user..

    Now to figure out this itself took them 2-3 hours and they got to know about it when I told them that this is whats happening…

    but still they could not fix and I had to fix it by setting exim settings to default and reinstalling it by force method…

    now 2nd issue was related to mysql / exim again…eximstats used to stop working and used to lock mysql…

    this was due to some of the accounts receiving lot of emails and eximstats was locking mysql because of that….(that is what my understanding is)

    the same issue got related to spamd which used to check score of each and every mail and since the amount of mails were high for that account, it was not able to do so quickly and used to eat up cpu usage and used to do lot of read write operation (causing high iowait time)

    traceing these issues took me so long, all they could find was, some scripts acting badly (they fixed many too) but issues like this, they failed to understand and fix it…

    So yesterday I found spamd issue and disable the spamassian in all accounts, moved one acocunt which was receving too many mails..

    So till them, no issues on the server, its stable again but still I do not want to get into hosting, because I want to spend more time on my other part of business and I will host all my client’s site on my reseller account which is with hostgator…


  9. Deep,
    First of all, you did a wonderful job till the time you got problems. I was always happy with the service..

    Well I dint understand properly what you meant.

    I have my blog hosted by your servers. What’ll happen to it? What’ll happen after one year, when I’ll want to activate it again? I am a non-resellers or a resellers? The site is opening sometimes lately, will it be OK after sometime?

  10. I have my blog hosted by your servers. What’ll happen to it? What’ll happen after one year, when I’ll want to activate it again? I am a non-resellers or a resellers? The site is opening sometimes lately, will it be OK after sometime?

    It will be moved to my new account in 2-3 days, after 1 year, you can renew it with me only 🙂 I won’t say no at any cost. You are non-reseller 🙂

    Yup, server is causing issues, I will move it to new one in 2-3 days.


  11. While I was away things have completely changed….anyways it doesnt matter to me as long as user accounts are under your supervision. We know Deep who is synonomous with great support and this decision to close dedicated server is too a part of that service… provide better support without server management headaches.

    BTW the account features and bandwidth etc will change or remain the same?

  12. Update: I am afraid that it will allow me to keep same packages, I will keep lower bandwidth but whenever more bandwidth needed, I will increase it…

  13. many of my clients are overselling… i see that many of non-reseller client dont even touch 50% of the bandwidth allocated.,.

    overselling is always the best

  14. So……… have nice weekends buddy…
    …wid Miss M 😀 hehe.. 😉

    n yup…it was the best days of hosting with u…
    and possible the best host ever… So far…so good.

    Cyup. Enjoy 🙂

  15. Deep, did you move all the accounts there ? My sit is still at problem and I’m not posting till it’s all sorted out.

    When can I expect things to be OK and running smooth?

  16. so where did you settle at last resellerzoom or hostgator..
    hey try out resellerclub also…good one and some disount going on

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