Movie Review: Phir Hera Pheri

2 Movies back to back….MI3 and Phir Hera Pheri….crazy but it was fun…MI3 was a great movie but the person sitting next to me made it a comedy movie by laughing loudly on action scenes….damn, how can people be so stupid? If bomb blasts, that guy laughs…sucks…

Okay, back to my review…

Phir Hera Pheri…..I was quite excited about this movie, I had really enjoyed the first part of the movie, i.e. Hera Pheri, so expectations were high and I was totally prepared to laugh out loud….

There is nothing much in the story, 3 guys doing everything to earn more money and falls into the trap and they try everything to return money to the goons…and the fun starts….

The movie is totally mindless comedy, so you will have to keep the brains at home and just enjoy…

Not much to write about it, so let me just wrap it up….

Acting: All 3, Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal rocked….Rajpal Yadav was good, Johny Lever had little to do…Sunil Pal is totally wasted….Bipasa Basu and Rimi Sen too had nothing much to do…rest of them were good…

Story: Not so strong story but who the hell needs story anyways 😉

Music: Only 2 songs were ok, rest were piece of crap…

So stars? 3 stars out of 5

Remember, it is mindless comedy, totally mindless


  1. I did not like Hera Pheri itself. It was a remake of a Malayalam and Tamil Movie. The original was way better than it. In fact I din’t even care to sit thro the length of the movie. Not interested in this one either. 😀

    How was MI 3?

  2. SAW both da films

    MI3 is crap

    PHP awesome comedy

    who the * said mindless comedy

    bunch of beggars

    only the endd circus is mindless but still who cares ? especially when it makes u laugh.

    * me

    PHP 4/5 (from start to end superb)(no need of Songs)
    MI3 2/5 (sucks hell if u r English fanboy u will not like it at all)

  3. Saruk, MI3 Rocked, Yahoo has given it B, i.e. it is not an excellent movie but not bad too, above average movie it is…

    MI3 reviews – till now I have not seen any movie which is having so many mixed reviews, it is liked my many people but at the same time it is hated by many but I personally could not find anything wrong with it…

    Now back to Phir Hera Pheri – I call it mindless movie because it is mindless movie….the things they have shown in it are totally crazy and does not happen in real world…but the movie was good and very funny….

  4. Now back to Phir Hera Pheri – I call it mindless movie because it is mindless movie….the things they have shown in it are totally crazy and does not happen in real world…but the movie was good and very funny….

    sqeez me ..

    they happen and i will show u if u come to my area…

    and forgot 2 mention about chup chup ke

    Superb comedy

  5. i think that phir hera pheri was crap and i mean it. coz it was w0rse den malamaal weekly as it woz full ov bulls**t. before d movie even ended in the cinema me n my m8s walkd out coz it woz boring n not at all az gud az d first one. hopefully shahrukh’s Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna will smash it.

  6. PHP: A total bakwaas movie !!! Watch Chup Chupke…good one. Don’t waste your time n money on PHP

  7. @Saruk kan its been selected for oscar library and NOT as an OSCAR NOMINEE… even taxi number 9211 got selected for oscar library

  8. taxi no 9211 selected wheres the link ?
    i heard PHp is the first film to b selected in Indian movies

    im going to write my own review on PHP
    itz making me to write

    one of da best moviez after my RDB

  9. I saw PHP and came out disappointed. I liked the 1st part better, it was original. PHP was like a revision of old jokes, etc. The 2nd half of the movie was simply dragged and filled with senseless comedy – especially the last 1 hour gave me a headache. I laughed at times but I was expecting much more. Sequels don’t seem to work, afterall..

  10. hi iam from fiji. ammm…movie is very good 😉 havent seen it but have heard it :). i specially like himesh jiss songs n iam in (L) with his songs.

  11. Was the movie incomplete towards the end? I read abt the same in the newspaper, maybe they’ll make another sequel!

  12. Ohh god! I don’t like crap comedies like this. Airplane and Dumb and Dumber were also in the same league. Although many would like these kinda of comedies, I’ll be least impressed.

  13. i m just waiting for php next part it is damn good i saw i really like pareshrawal acting . i m just waiting for hi next picture

  14. let me put this way…

    Comedy was good but movie was ripped from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (an extraordinary movie all the way… i recommend this movie to all those who appritiate britain style comedy). But none the less, comedy is pretty good.

  15. Just watched MI3… and really lost what is the impossible stuff in the movie… is it saving his wife or …. :D:D:D

    Really don’t know why Deep rates it as a good movie… (some times stunt scene do let us laugh on it.)

    PS :- while watiching movie two of my friend fall asleep watching movie… and every one is so bezzared that hall is empty before the end of the movie.

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