In the process of being a movie freak…

X-Men: The Last Stand, Chup Chup Ke, MI3,Phir Hera Pheri, Final Destination 3 (today) and now tomorrow may be Alag….

I am getting more excited about Krissh than trying Windows Vista Beta 2….

What the hell is happening to me??…I am becoming a movie freak from technology freak….


  1. These things happen man . Happened a lot with me during my exams . Even i am having my vacations but havent watched a movie since a week due to this Word CUp thing .

    P.S. I downloaded Windows Vista Beta 2 but i dont have a DVD Writer .

  2. Isint Vista available for free download from the Microsoft site? I heard they were letting users try vista for free for 1 year, after which it disables itself.

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