Web Vastu – Vastu Sashtra for the website..

Oops, I missed this post earlier… one of the funniest articles I read recently..

The article says Website not working? Try Vaastu

Excerpts from the article:

“Just as the world comprises of the five basic elements, each Website has five elements and these need to be in balance with one another,” says Dr Smita Narang, author of Web Vaastu, a new book that marries Vaastu laws with the Internet.

The book has proved popular with businesses.

Earth is the layout, fire is the color, air is the HTML, space is name of the Website, and water is the font and graphics,” says Narang, adding that each must be chosen carefully and strike a balance with the other.

Narang, a Vaastu expert who has spent four years analyzing around 500 sites, says a Website that is not designed according to Vaastu rules will have few hits and will negatively affect the business.

Good laughing stock? Here is more, Deep, the great Web Vastu Sashtra reader checks the author’s site and gives comments…haha

Oh my god, I think she has followed her tips very well on the site.

  • Earth is layout – Yes, it looks like Earthish color in the background.
  • Fire is the color – Yeah, I can see some fire type of graidents all over the site…
  • Air is the HTML – Yes, yes I can see lot of air in the so called HTML which is bad according to me, markup is in capital letters lol
  • Space is name of the website – Yes, I noticed some space too haha
  • Water is the font and graphics – Graphics? all I could see was floating book image on the left side of the home page (shows pace between image slices) I am sure programmer has put extra space after the image tag instead of putting space in the name lol

In short, the site layout is just not the one which will make people visit the site again. and I see her going wrong all over from so called “Web Vastu” The person should understand that Vastu and Feng Shui are better if they are kept with themselves, for god’s sake, it is internet..leave this place away from your so called Web Vastu.

Well, here is some more…

“A website where the colors hurt your eyes, the music offends your ears or has too much information is probably too cluttered and does not give a positive flow of ch’i,” says Vikram Narayan, a Mumbai-based feng shui practitioner.

The trick, Narayan said, is to remove things in your life or on your Website that serve no purpose, and keep those things that serve you well.

But how does this apply to your website?

Experts say using a combination of astrology and numerology, the ancient sciences will help you choose the right colors, font, placement of graphics and navigation bar to make the perfect website.

And I was fool to believe that Web Designers play major role in deciding the colors, fonts, graphics etc… from now on I will kick my designer and hire an Astrology & Numerology expert lol

I seriously cannot believe how can people go to such an extent to fool people? Vastu for websites? Give me a break. There is a golden rule that, the website should have pleasant colors, decent layout and few more things are taken care to attract users. It is obvious that no one is going to visit the website which has music playing all around with some flashing images. Astrology has nothing do with it.

God save me from these idiots.



  1. hahaahahahaahahahahahaahahahahaha. this is perhaps the most ridiculous happy blog post I have ever come across.

    This guy should try for Laughter Challenge Triteeya..

  2. I ask why Vaastu only for Web..Why not for software interfaces…Like “Soft Vaastu”… Ha ha ha ha.. Then using particular Colours for Windows might stop PIRACY..
    And they say ““A website where the colors hurt your eyes, the music offends your ears or has too much information is probably too cluttered and does not give a positive flow of ch’i,â€Â? says Vikram Narayan, a Mumbai-based feng shui practitioner.”.
    What about their own site…Doesnt it cause pain in eyes if you read it for a long time. I hate the colours of that site. Now what should I say about these “Intelligent VAASTU Web Designers( I doubt ..are they?).. I think it must be considered for Web 2.0… 😉

  3. Let me try to follow them and make a good looking design!! if i suceed making a good impressive design.. let me see the positive changes in terms of Hits and growth in Business..

    Best thing to prove it wrong is to Try it .. HE HE HE..
    wht say deep.. willing to change the layout of web1..
    i will design a Vastu based site for my biz.


  4. Santosh – Basically to get more traffic, effective marketing helps 😀 and if you do good marketing, even worst looking site can fetch thousands of visitors a day…

  5. This is something new…. waoo
    Come on guys, I can understand how you feel, but don’t you think there must be something. Even I don’t belive it but this person has done a research….I think there must be something….
    And we must be proud that an Indian has done this research. Guys did you see the press section of this persons website….. gosh…I think there must be something.

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