Welcome to Kutch – Journey to Kutch – Phase II

Friday June 30, 2006:5.52 PM – Okay, we finally reached our native place Anjar at 2.30PM instead of 9.30 AM in the morning.

Gandhidham Station

The heat welcomed us once we got out of AC compartment. No signs of rain but its raining heat here, no chance of climate getting cool. The cooler next to me is also not doing its job properly, but as the sun sets, climate will become cool. Nights will be much cooler than evenings.

We are currently leaving to meeting our grand parents.

More updates soon….


  1. yeh, thts the best part of your journey, as u wanted to surprize thm, right ? …
    cool 😀
    do send other pics also 🙂

  2. hi deep,

    nice narration.

    do click more pics and update also visit famous spots of kutch and give narration of that too.

    dont go only describing railways and heat 😛

  3. Seems like even the cows know the trains are late!

    Came here from Orkut and guess I have been here before?

    Anyways…nice place you got here!

  4. haha Doc, I am gonna visit Dholavira tomorrow, then few more places…will surely click some pics 🙂

    Alex – hope to see you around more frequently 🙂

  5. please tell me about internet connection in kutch on your laptop from gprs (hutch).

    i am planning to visit on 16.10.06

  6. Hi,
    Huth works fine there. Atleast it worked very fine where I was staying. But I think reliance may work better as they have better network reach than hutch.


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