1. i never liked france but italy were dominating over french side… bad luck for zidane.. instead of ending like a hero he preferred to be a villain, cannavaro, meterazzi, toni, buffon at their best… afterall better side won.

  2. Without going deep into the issue, you shouldn’t have said something about zidane deep. Please look into what happened, who commented what on whom? and why zidane did that? he’s the most inoffensive player in the history of soccer and he almost tried to kill a player on the field. Check out why??????

    Then you’ll realize Zidane’s broken patience. Zidane was, is and will continue to be a sporting hero………

    Zidane has also won golden ball award in this World Cup…….

  3. Nitin, did I ever say Zidane was bad? I said whatever happened to him was bad, isnt it true? and I am also against the red card given to him without knowing the fact, he is know as most calm player and if he did somehting like that, the it is very much highly possible that the other player made some comments which made him do that…

  4. I fully agree with Deep.. he is coolest dude on the pitch… but again whatever was said to him… wo’nt give him any right to hit the other person like that. A sad end to a very good career.

    But I think there is a bright future waiting for Zidane in wrestling…. :D…

    after asll he has his powerfulll “Tuuddd” (the head hit by a goat… Bakra)

  5. What happened to/with/by Zidane was BAD. Whatever may be the issue (heard that materazzi called him “a terrorist” and some racial comments), a senior player like Zidane must not act like this. I beleive that whatever be the issue, Zidane deserved RED.

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