Karo Dungar – Journey to Kutch – Phase II

Okay, I am pretty late here, I visited this place 2 days back and due to my laziness I could not post about it and now the bad part is, this is gonna be one of the quickest post ever. I have to leave for the train to Mumbai at 8 so not much time in hand. Ok! Let me start, 

I was very much excited about this place to as it had few things attached to it which is just out of imagination of normal person. Daily at 11 AM and 5 PM, a pujari (priest) from the temple at Karo Dungar keeps some food at the rock nearby and rings the bell (Ghant), the foxes come to eat the food. The good part is, the foxes eat only veg food served by them. (The same thing was shown on Star One’s show Mano ya na Mano) but due to heavy rains we missed that part. But we really had fun there and also on the way.

We had some “good” coffee on the way….we also got drenched at Karo Dungar, the place was like some hill station…fog everywhere, very cold climate and raining hard….it was simply fun…


Yeah, thats me in brown and white tee :) 

And then we moved to India Bridge, but the water flow on the way back stopped us for 10 minutes…

Entry to India Bridge was restricted by BSF, they invited us to visit their inside place but we did not because girls were with us. (Just did not want to take any risk) But next time we will 100% visit that place with permission. We talked to one of the BSF soldier and he was very friendly, explaining us lot of things about that place, history of the place and where the border is, bunkers are etc.. (the border is around 80 kms away from there)

Following is the pic which I clicked there….

One more on the way back to our home…

There are more pics on my Flickr page. Okay, time to shut down the machine and run….getting late for the train… 


  1. Whoa man .. I see you are enjoying a lot .. !! Keep it up .. 🙂 ..
    You were lucky that you missed another instance of 26/7 .. After all those rains, I seem to have lost all the charm of rains ..
    Anyways .. Catch you when I return to Bombay .. So take care till then .. !

  2. [b]Entry to India Bridge was restricted by BSF, they invited us to visit their inside place but we did not because girls were with us. (Just did not want to take any risk) [/b]
    These are your words Deep, so hr is a question in my mind.
    why do you think it will be a risk for you all to go in to see the place, you were going to see what BSF is, not osama bin ladens house.. wht risk was thr to see BSF territory with ladies … ???

  3. you were scared to go inside coz of girls with you?? i think you shouldnt have worried… they are not mumbai police, they are indian army.. ! infact they are more excited than you when someone goes till border to see the soldiers.. they dont see any traces of human beings except for some wild tourists… i have been inside to their bunkers, and met several more soldiers inside.. living in mumbai, we must see how a person lives in concrete bunker which is 10 feet underground.

  4. maan, the pics are amazing!! Is this place in Kutch?? I hail from there and I mean i’ve seen Rains like these there only once when i had been there as a kid!!

    And yeah I’d like to know where this place is !! maybe i can visit it as wel!!

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