Mumbai Rocked by Bomb Blasts

Update 19: This is gonna be my last update. From now onwards, news channel sites will take you guys forward List of casualties at KEM Hospital

Update 18: Rediff reports 174 people killed in the blast. 

Update 17: 146 killed and 439 injured – NDTV, the road traffic is normal now according to DCP of Traffic Police Mumbai.

Update 16: Sion hospital appeals for 1600 bottles of blood, if you stay near that area PLEASE donate the blood.

Update 15: Death toll reaches 140 and 300 injured (NDTV) 

Update 14: CNN IBN shows people speaking, no one from RPF and police helped, the local people took the bodies out, RPF men were doing nothing but watching them do the work (instead of helping them) – If you have CNN IBN on your TV set, watch it – they are showing good coverage on the issue, basically what people have to say about the issue and how they helped and how police failed to showup…

Update 13: Someone from LET called up at NDTV office and denied their part in the blasts. (But the identity of the person is still not confirmed, it might be fake)

Update 12:  I see opposite party politicians are busy in blaming the ruling party than working on a solution. I just watched Mr. Advani giving statement saying Congress is not doing anything, the same kind of statement was given by Gopinath Munde

Update 11: More than 137 dead, roads jammed (NDTV reports on TV)  

Update 10: Lashkar-e-Taiba most probably involved in the blasts – reports CNN IBN

Update 9: Bomb found at Borivali station and diffused (CNN IBN reports on TV) Bomb found in box of nuts and bolts, RDX kind of bomb used.

Update 8: Rediff now reports, 104 died and 258 injured

Update 7: NDTV Reports 8 Blasts (Info on update 9) and atleast 100 dead

Update 6: 90 people dead – Aaj Tak

Update 5: Militant held in Delhi, cops probing Mumbai blast link

Update 4: Maharashtra CM announces Rs. 1 lakh for the ones who have died (reported on NDTV)

Update 3: Eyewitnesses speak (Rediff) – Another Eyewitness report on rediff

Update 2: 63 people killed in the blast…and 400 injured (Reported on Rediff)

NDTV is showing video clip of the blast, it is just too shocking and cruel… (Eyewitness shot is on his mobile phone)

Updates on

Update: The phone lines are almost dead, MTNL, Hutch nothing is working properly.

The phone lines are almost dead, MTNL, Hutch nothing is working properly.Helpline Number for the bomb blast is: 22005388

I am shuffling the channels but I fail to find enough police force to help people. All I can see is, people trying to help with whatever they can…


7 blasts in the local trains…

Reports of bomb blasts have come in from between Mahim-Matunga in north-central Mumbai, Khar, Jogeshwari (both in north-west Mumbai) and Mira Road (in Mumbai north, in Thane district), at a time when the suburban commuter traffic was its heaviest. The first blast was said to have taken place at 6.25 pm at Khar.

The Western Railway emergency service has so far confirmed the Khar blast, and said further details were awaited.

More info on Rediff



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  3. i got news of very fist blast.. called up bombay central railway station for more info as it is the time i leave for home. there i got news of second blast. And then TV in office was turned on, and whole series of blasts.. as phones are not working, i am giving updates to my contacts through Yahoo/WLM/Google chat/Rediff Bol.

    Mobile phones are not working for most of time but Rediff bol helped a lot by giving free sms.

    ICICI Online recharge for prepaid mobiles was also helpful as i did topup of my few friends from office instantly.

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  5. If i see a terrorist anywhere near me I am going to kill him right at the spot.

    This is the worst incident to happen to Mumbai, unite people we need to fight them off, no one can fight them unless we unite.

    I hate to see these people dying, tomorrow it can be either you or me, we are so lucky to be alive.

    But if we weren’t would our familes cry or fight…

    So it is better to fight and die, rather than die and cry.

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  10. This is really a horrific & insane act towards humanity, people who have committed such an act of terror will suffer in utter pain & will face their worst fear. For the ones who have lost their lives & have left behind loved ones & children we all whole hearteadly pray for their soul to live in peace.

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  13. ARUNIMA BANERJEE 02-Feb-2008 at 11:00 pm


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