..and my Mumbai still cries – Before and After the Train Blasts

Mumbai, the lifeline of India was shattered by 7 bomb blasts in the western railway 1st class compartment. The life of mumbaikar became standstill for a moment, everything seem to be stopped and everyone went into deep shock. The death toll kept on increasing, 20, 30, 47, 63, 90, 137, 174, 200. People came out to help each other, police woke up from their long sleep and got themselves on the duty to help people. Politicians started preparing speeches, opposition party leaders got themselves ready to bash the ruling party.

The day ended with: over 180 deaths and over 600 injuries, thousands of teary eyes, bunch of happy people celebrating their success, anger on face of thousands people, numerous questions raised by media and people, puzzle to find out the culprit, lies by politicians.

Next morning, everything is back to normal, commuters travel by the same trains with fear on their face. Security on the stations remains almost same. Newspapers come up with sources claiming work of Lashkar-e-Toiba (LET) and Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). Police and intelligence is busy in tracing the culprits, Prime Minister prepares for the speech given to the nation.

The time passes by, investigations reveal involvement of SIMI in the blasts, the Prime Minister salutes spirit of Mumbai in his speech but fails to prepare a strong speech. People still have no idea about the progress and government’s steps in the case.

Days pass by, the police confirms work of LET and SIMI, few arrests are being made. The case is being lodged…

Months pass by, the case is still going on, the culprits are getting their daily bread and butter from the government, the money to feed them is being taken from the pockets of Mumbaikar, the fees for the judges is taken from the the form of taxes….but the case still goes on….

Few more months pass by, the Mumbaikar has forgotten the blasts and do not want to remember it again, politicians have forgotten the blasts and are preparing their stand for next blasts…

Years pass by, few of the culprits are left on bail because of lack of evidence (Thanks to our politicians), few are given life imprisonment (Thanks to Human Rights Commission).

BUT Mumbai still remains vulnerable, Mumbai still takes fraction of India’s population, Mumbai still remains highest tax paying city, politicians still give high hopes to people, planning for next bomb blasts start and my Mumbai still cries…..


  1. We got the news here (US) in the morning on Tuesday morning, were shocked by the news.
    It was a very sad thing to happen. Deepest sympathies for the people and the family members involved.
    We also saw in the news that lalu and sonia vistied some of the affected areas, kuch kar nahi sakthe tho atlease stop showing off by visting these places and creating more trouble by visting these places and creating unnecessary chaoes….

  2. It really is sad what all happened and Deep what ever you have mentioned in hr is totally correct, this is what exact going to happen after these bomb blasts…
    when we praise other countries these politicians only make big sentences saying “instead of going to other country stay in India and make India a better country”,
    And on the other hand they them self r involved in these kind of things…
    These people who are PM’s and CM’s .. Are only “POLITICIANS” and nothing else.

  3. Blasts: Aussies may skip Champions Trophy

    …. and if India says that they will skip a tournament in the UK because even they had bomb blasts in the metro how would the world and ICC react ? Is the Australian team going to be travelling by the Mumbai rail network ?

  4. Check this out:

    CM turns to God over ‘panvati’ Mumbai

    Having been faced with one tragedy after the other, Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh is now looking for divine intervention. The CM is likely to take his entire cabinet to Siddhivinayak to pray for the warding off of all evils in Mumbai.

    More here

  5. CM is an inefficient idiot!! Tell him to take a katora with him and sit outside the temple. What the hell he and his cabinet doing while these things were being planned? Whats the use of spending crores on intelligence departments when they can’t stop such plannings?

    On top of it rascals have started racial slurs and Hindu-Muslim things. Idiots!! Have only Hindu died?? Have no Muslim helped the victims? When will fanatics improve!!

  6. Fanatics dont “improve”.
    the prob lies with india’s very soft stand. India should use its military might on pakistan coz just day after the blasts…some pak minister said only kashmir solution can solve these problems. that says it all. even after so many no-so-indirect hints from pak, india continues to give in. India has proved to the world how soft, weak and vulnerable it is. after all this, how can it expect respect?

  7. This was so horrible. I sent a pingback your way day-before. Check out my article on Newsvine and my blog post on Quantum Thinking.

    Thanks for reporting. You’re the only Bombay-blogger I read and it was really important that you kept sending those updates our way. I don’t know if Bombay will survive another attack. It’s becoming worse each time. I was in bombay during the riots, it was the worst time of my life 🙁 we shifted that very year.

    Keep it up, Deep.

  8. Yes Deep… Politics has taken India down a million more times than what terrorism has really done to India. Its like a termite that has weekend our innerselfs and beliefs. If India has to fight back terrorism then it has to click from the root to the top level.

    Withdrawal of POTA(due to misuse by politicians) has lend the terrorists open green grounds to put their filthy notions to practice. We need stronger anti-terrorist actes… really strong… Or mumbai will remain forever crying… and the rest of India joins it. 🙁

  9. It’s time India stops playing Gandhi and starts thinking like Lord Krishna..Just Kill the @!#$@#$

  10. i am really touched…wht u said is absolute truth…here far from mumbai(trivandrum) i head the blasts…i still fell my blood boiling….i still sense the pain tht my brothers and sisters are undergoing…wht can i do …i can jsut pray…..but every indian has to answer to this question….the spineless govt adn the PM tht we elected to represent us just sang the same song…over the emotions of pain…sorrow and prayer i dominatly feel another one…tht of shame…bcz i am lead by a man and a team of ppl with a strong lady(so said) who are not ready to see the pain..who are not ready to stand up for us…who are not ready to say to teh world…This is INDIA adn dont dare us anymore….i feel shame the most…

    tank us for shown all the emotions and truths in this blog…itsnot ur mumbai..even thoug i am not from mubai its our mumbai…our mumbai and India still cries…..

  11. sorry i meant tank u in the last paragraph …let me correct

    tank u for shown all the emotions and truths in this blog…its not ur mumbai..even thoug i am not from mubai its our mumbai…our mumbai and India still cries…..

  12. Its really unfortunate to see our India in this state. But what do we do for our country? Just sit on our sofa with bean bags and probably popcorn packs, wearing dropped jaws and watching TV news channels reporting the bomb blasts? How many of us have really taken a step forward to help the victims out?

    How many times have we donated blood? How many times have we gone out and really helped those affected.

    Why should our Indian Army, Our defence forces face the need to come up with advertisements just like other not much selling products like Nirma detergent and Gutkha ads? People are opting for easier lives…

    With this approach we really cant change India and only chat about the tragedies happened and probably fear of those to come…

  13. Thanks Simran, I will make sure that this blog remains political blog for few next days 😉

    Aseem, 1000s of people where already ready and waiting in the queue as volunteer….and they found it, too many…

    check this article:

    About ads on tv about Army, actually that is infact a good idea to let people know about it and make them join…

    Take today’s article on HT, the government has money to buy Honda cars for ministers but they do not have money to buy new weapons and clothes for policemen…. the core of the problem is, corrupt politiains…nothing else…

  14. I do agree… People have come forward and they always do. But ironically not many would like do do it for all their lives. A few days back had just read an article over the decline of engineers prefering to join the armed forces…
    Help is pouring in, but for no figure can you say enough. If we have to take India a long way, we have to make things bigger and better, which probably is just not the case.

    Just to give an example… from my engg collge about 25-30 students had been selected for the SSB interviews for the ARMY the last month. Disgustingly only 3 appeared for selection there.

  15. I just read that article on the volunteer. If it infact is true that they showed up for publicity it is very shameful !!!

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