1. Yes, I have noticed that many times. Along with this, the left sidebar is “painted” yellow all over (and that’s not normal I suppose).

    Check how the home page looks in Firefox.

  2. Deep, Why Dont you just design your own theme? I hate using others themes the way it is. So I have modified my theme.

    Why don’t you too do the same?

  3. Ashwin – I will see how i can fix that..

    John – I am bad at design so may be i will have to get my designer work on it and then programmer to code it….but I am not sure when I will do it because I have some work pending here…

  4. Hmm.. you have link to the default feed URI in the meta tags and sidebar instead of feedburner one. Perhaps you might have missed it. 🙂

  5. Sreejith – that was not the issue – feedburner found some error in my feed so I had to go to my account feed burner and resync the feed…

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