1. Deep, my friend – looking at your eagerness I think u will become the President of the International Mimoh fan club. Stop looking at these pics :p

  2. yaar, baal thode bade nai hai … šŸ˜‰ .. hmmm god konw wht it will be like .. lets wait and watch .. u never know

  3. All you prabhuji baiters! Can’t you leave his son at least??!! šŸ˜€

    Can’t you see thats the look Brad Pitt had shamelessly copied?

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  5. hi deep,

    Hi! This is sudha from kolkata…Just wanted to ask u -how do u know Mimoh? Have u met him ? Wat makes u a perfect fan of Mimoh ? Can u explain this to all of us….anewz, hi MAX( that’s d nick name of mahakshay aka mimoh)….Watch out for him in his debut film “JIMMY”. He is really working too hard to achieve his goal.He’s going to ROCK……

  6. iam so anxious to see momoh on the big screen for his
    debut film called jimmy,i have been mithun’s fan for so
    many years,he was a superstar of 80’s and iam sure his
    son mimoh will be rulling hollywood soon,i wish him all the best.
    hope some day i see him inperson.

  7. Hi sudha, i personally haven’t met mimoh as yet,but since iam mithunda’s die hard fan and he was a good actor and good dancer therefore iam optimistic he would be the same as his father,he will certainly follow his foot step and he could even better.

  8. mithun is not just a good actor but he is good a humanbeing aswell interms of putting away alot of money toward charity helped poor.mithun and his son are two stylesh people bollywood could ever offer

  9. mithunda's fan 16-Jul-2007 at 4:04 am

    does any body has any info perhaps when mimoh’s first debut jimmy releasing?i just can’t wait to see him on silver screen,and once jimmy releases its’s gonno be a super success and he is going to ROCK.

  10. mithunda's fan 10-Sep-2007 at 12:43 am

    mimoh is the most handsome actor bollywood could ever offer.i saw some video clips that’s on now from his debut film Jimmy,he looks great interms of perfomance,dance and perhaps action,speaking of action,mimoh looks so good as an action hero based on his body, hieght and his personality,he looks tough like vandam and Arnold.

  11. I just read an article on mimoh’s website,apparently on page #8,mentioning that mimoh’s debut is all set to release on March 14 this year,it’s unbelievable,we been watting approximately two years for this much awaited film to release and finally the date has been set,i wonder if this is for real that Jimmy will be realising on march 14?if so,then i hope to see the promos coming soon in the internet and theaters in Canada where iam living.

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