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Well, I am talking about last 2 days which made all hindi news channels to change their names to Prince TV. Aaj Tak and Zee News forgot other things happening around the country.

Talking about the 5 year old kid prince who was fallen into 60 feet deep pit. Aaj Tak was busy showing how people were praying around the country for the Prince, temples, church, gurdudwaras, mosques…and they were also very much excited to show each and everything of the “prince event”.

They even interviews many people outside the temples asking them “what do you feel about prince?” Even PM of the country made statement.

They asked people to send SMS for Prince.. (Prince ke liye aapka sandesh hamein bheje xxx pe).. which was nothing but a bad try to earn some quick bucks.

Zee News on the other hand managed to find people who made prediction saying this Prince is Parthiv (Mahabharta’s) and kid is some real prince in this kalyug. (I do not remember the exact words but it was on the line of what I said)

And finally prince was rescued, PM announced Rs. 2 lakh to Prince’s family.

But I do not think so the story ends here, Aaj Tak will do a good followup on this, they will interview Prince’s family with their typical question “Ab aapko kaisa lag raha hai?” lol

Why in the world they have to create so much of hype? I totally agree that the boy got stuck in the pit and rescue operation is going on but what about the other things happening around?

Update: Star News donated Rs. 5 lakh to Prince’s family. Just got to know about it from Anand. Now this makes me look around for a pit so I can also earn some quick bucks 😉


  1. tell me abt it!!! whats with these tv channels digging the dead as every new controversy crops up. lets talk abt rahul mahajan’s case, AAJ TAK. CHANNEL 7 & many others, bored us to death narrating the incident a 1000 times when he consumed the drug and how he was taken to hospital….. blah blah blah…and suddenly he seems to have vanished. i mean why create such a hype then. i guess its the competion among them that has made media deliver much more than neccassary (to the point of being boring). and yes what abt other things happening abroad these hindi news chanels dont seem to be much bothered.
    i am sure if this prince guy was abroad i wonder if we had even come to know abt it.its high time they should stop making a fool of the audience just to earn money.

  2. I agree with the sentiments. There are more important things to worry about like the war in Lebanon and Indians stuck there, the Mumbai bombing case – the perpetrators of the ’93 blasts are still running loose… if we dont find them the blasts will only continue and get bigger all the time. Instead of wasting time covering the fate of a child, the media should concentrate on pot-holed roads and get the PM to comment on that. Star plus and Zee Tv may pay the childs family and take the credit, but it is actually the money they have earned from our SMS’s !

  3. When I come to home from work on Saturday, Zee News was doing a full live commentary of the rescue mission. As they were reporting, the boy, Prince, fell in 1 feet hole, which was 60 feet deep (not you Deep :P). And By midnight, they said that Army people were just 10 feet away from the boy.
    Just then they interviewed some Army person who gave the exact figures. The hole was 53 feet, the the army was digging the nearby well, and they were just 42 feet.

    Even after this info, channel kept on showing ’60 feet’, and ‘just few feet remaining’ messages. And the SMS and all that stuff. This shows that news channels were not showing the news but they were encashing whatever hype it has.

    And the help given to boy, all education cost sponsored by Zee News, 2 lacs by PM, 5 lacs by Star News. Why the hell he needs all this.

    In all, I just feel proud about army team. It was a extremely difficult task to rescue that boy. But that team dug up the well to 60 feet, then made the tunnel to that hole where the boy was trapped by bare hands, as Brigadier J Mann, the army officer coordinating the operation explained afterwords, the rescuers had had to be very careful since the soil at the bottom of the pit was very soft and there was a danger of a cave-in.

    The quote by one of the army person was “Humko kaam diya gaya tha, humne kar diya. Hum jo bhi kaam karte hai, jeet ne ke liye kaarte hai.” (We were assigned the work, and we completed that. Whatever we do, we do it successfully.) Hats off to Indian Army.

  4. Actually, Army should be given the rewards…they saved the life…I too do not see any login in giving lakhs of money to the kid’s family…it’s all shit hype….and Mera India afterall…

  5. army ppl who helped were given 51000 each ans star shud be helping bomb blast victim… the kid’s family has already got 200000 from haryana govt.

  6. kid is lucky to earn 5 lakh(star news)+2 lakh (state gov)+2 lakh(central gov) = 9 lakhs Rs.
    some 1 even announced for scholarship for him .

  7. Yeah I agree the army who did such a feat where given very less or nearly zero credit for the great work they had done. (Oh yeah I have a small trivia there was a malayalam movie on same kind of incident and they rescued that kid by nearly the same way)

  8. Yes its only the Indian army that has emerged out as the hero… definitely not Prince.

    As Deep said… the channels didnt even think twice in reconstructing the whole mahabharata @ kurukshetra. There are definitely a thousand more things in India itself that Indians need to worry about, but probably media will never let the Indians grow… to that level of intelligence to talk abt more complex issues. We are going to forever be watching Master Prince on CCTV camera and quibbling over the figures like the depth of pit and the number of hours Master Prince was in it!

    India needs to grow, and who better can play the role in it than the media. But they have been always relaying banal news items a 100 times… till you decide to switch the channel to some Saas-Bahu flick. Thats probably more entertaining and helping construct social conciousness…

  9. Prince earnings till date 5 lakh(star news)+2 lakh (state gov)+2 lakh(central gov) = 9 lakhs .

  10. Yeh baccha Krishna Bhagwan he hai, woh Krishna Bhagwan ka ek roop hai, jo aaj is kalug ko mitane ke liye is gadde main gira hai, aaj sab ek hoke uske liye prarthna kar rahe hai, woh sabko ek ear raha hai…. that was a women on the ZEE TV on phone..
    Jaise kuruksherta mai Krishna Bhagwan lade the aur Parthiv ant tak lada tha , waise hi yeh baccha bhi aaj ka Parthiv hai, u ske ma-baap ne uska jo naam rakha hai – Prince, usko badal ke aaj uske janam din par “Parthiv” rakhna chahiye …
    anoter sentance from a pandit on the phone on ZEE TV..

    Dekhte rahiye “Zindagi ka Prince” .. “Humara Prince” … gadde mai prince .. prince gadde main …
    for one second i felt like the news reporters r trying to sell a product by saying all these lines again and again …

    And hey, u forgot this thing abut Zee TV .. they were continuasly saying while this whole thing was going on , that Zee News will take care of the expences of Prince’s whole studies ….

    Megha Patel.

  11. hey hey… all u people want to earn quick bucks.. start ur journey towards bangalore..

    today i found a deep hole dug for metro train purpose..
    anyways if they dont encourage a 21yr to get stuck and give him cash… i am ready to show the pit with a 50% of the award..

    India has gone mad..

  12. Yaar I can understand that its a big hype but Mr. Santosh saying that India is gone mad wont be appropriate…why not say that Indian media has gone mad? What you say Deep?

  13. Yup Shyam, they have gone bad, I can say it again after watching their so called special coverage on PM house breach issue

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