The Death !!!

Death, this five letter word changes life of whole family.

I just got the news about death of a person who stays in the neighbourhood building. A happy family: husband, wife and 2 daughters, but because of a small mistake, the family is left without a husband, a father…

A bus driver, who is in hurry to reach his next stop leaves a father in blood shed, just to reach early….he does not care about the family who will be left behind, he does not care about anything….

…and this small mistake leaves whole family without the pillar…

This story is not about this family but is about everyone who has been verdict of rash driving of BEST Bus drivers. I have seen myself a case where a BEST bus hits a parked rickshaw.

The government does nothing but giving compensation to the family, the case against the driver goes on….the life moves on….


  1. I know these BEST Drivers drive the bus as if its thr own road and no one else walks on the road, and when accident occurs .. they show thr dadagiri because they govt servents and no one can harm thm ….
    they konw tht even if someone complain about thm , thr department is not gonna care about it much …

  2. Same story here in Delhi, Blue Line, DTC buses and Call Center Qualis are known as the “Death Vehicles.” For a paltry few bucks or 2 minutes they give someone sorrow and agonizing pain for forever.

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