Movie Review: Anthony Kaun Hai?

Okay, one more week, one more review…. I just returned from the movie kindergarten…oops it’s Anthony Kaun Hai?. Few gujju family with kids made me feel as if I was in kindergarten. The kids were playing all around haha

Okay, the movie story…

Raj Lalwani writes (rediff):

The story, told mostly in flashback, revolves around Champak Chaudhari (Warsi), who prefers to call himself Champ and specializes in forging documents. He is on the lookout for a box of diamonds hidden by Raghu (Raghuvir Yadav). What follows is a series of twists, some predictable and some not so. Along the way, Champ encounters a rather cliched villain called Lucky Sharma (Chetan Hansraj) and an idiosyncratic detective (Gulshan Grover), apart from the expected love angle brought in by Jiya (Minissha Lamba).

The film has a multi-layered narrative, with Champ explaining his side of the story to hit man Master Madan (Sanjay Dutt).

The movie has it’s own plus and minus points but it keeps you balanced and does not bore you much. The movie has few really funny scenes too. From the beginning of the movie, it keeps you thinking, who really is Anthony. Sanjay Datt has nothing much to do but Arshad Warsi carried the movie very well. You can really see good qualities of an actor in him. He can do serious roles, comic roles and a loverboy too..very good role and acted very well.

The music of the movie is kind of boring, I personally hated it….

btw I really loved the photography and the hotel room where Arshad Warsi and Sanjay Datt were staying….and house of Minissha Lamba too…

Okay, let’s sum it up…

Story: Different story but gives you feeling of mix of various movies (may be english movies) but overall a good concept 

Acting: Arshad Warsi rocked, very good acting, Sanjay Datt had very little to do but he was good and is always good….Anusha Dandekar was kind of bad…Minissha Lamba, not bad…not bad…she looked very cute… Raghuvir Yadav…he did his part well…nothing great….rest of the star cast was OK!

Music: BAD except 1 song, which was featured in the end…

So stars? 2.5 out of 5, worth watching it once….


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