Somebody save me…

The situation: You have a office in a commercial cum residential building, you have people living next to your office. And from that a family is so called excited to show their new things, they buy a chinese made music system and DVD player.

Team Players:

The Devotee Mom - Shravan is going on, so it is a good idea to listen to some bhajans but how? We have a brand new chinese player!!! So why not use it.

The News Reporter Dad – Oh, Aajtak is showing something, oh here is something cool on Star News, oh wow, Zee News is showing some crime report. But TV speakers are not powerful enough, so why not use our chinese player?

The Local DJ / Singer Son -Oh wow, this CD has got latest songs, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Golmaal, oh wow, here comes my favorite song…oh, let me sing along with it… oh now this is cool new Punjabi bhangra hit song… I love my new chinese player!!!

The Job: Break heads of the people living near you, let them also listen to some of our cool music and let them also know they we have got new music player which plays MP3 and we can also use it with TV for better sound effect.

The Plan: Morning 10 AM to 11.30 AM, Mom will listen to the bhajans. Afternoon 1 hour, Dad will watch news. Afternoon till 7.30 PM, son will play the music. And after that, We all watch TV together!!!! 

The Result: A 24 year old guy sitting in the office starts abusing as the kid starts his music and starts singing loudly.

The Outcome: The 24 year old guy asks the kid to slow down… and he does it.

So what tomorrow? The kid will start again with along with this team.

So what now? God knows!!


  1. Go to their home tomorrow morning. Wish them good morning and enter the room where they keep their CD player and speakers. Take a deep breath. Pick them up and throw them out of the window. Then hire a good lawyer 😛

  2. Play that tune which can be heard only by kids, dunno what its called, it was around as a ring tone. Would be good if you cant hear it only they can 😆

  3. I did not go to office on Saturday, whole out for a meeting, and again Monday will be meeting day so now tuesday will be the day 😀

  4. Buy a similar cheap chinese made speakers.

    Buy one Himesh Reshammia(only) MP3 CD.

    Play it with “repeat” on. (Leave your office if you want to live).

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