A new theme after a long time

Finally I decided to change the theme of the site to something else. After using Regulus for so long, I just could not find any theme of the same level. But tonigh I got to know about this theme which is based on Blix.

There are few things still left to be fixed on the site, I will fix the up later today. Now I am off to sleep.


  1. Looks good. I’m still stuck my my old theme. 😐

    By the way, do you use different header image everytime we load?

  2. Theme looks good Deep,

    I would recommend you to try out k2 based themes too.
    And you can even try some 3 column themes 🙂

  3. Wow! Nice theme… U managed a big smile on my face when I saw ur blog.

    But Regulus was still what I did like to see ur blog with. But dont worry I wwill get used to this soon. Its already looking cool.

  4. Hi Guys,
    Sorry for some reasons most of the comments here got blocked by Akismet..

    Actually I really like this theme just because of its simplicity. I added my own images just now for the top BG part.

    The roating images are divided in 3 parts, it checks the section names basically if its home page, keep xxx image, if its single page then xxx else keep xxx

    About K2, for some reason I did not like it, may be because every other WP blog is having K2 haha…

    Actually I was thinking of a custom theme but due to work load, designer is busy working on my client’s sites so I have kept it as pending.


  5. Ashwin – My designer = The one who works for my company, Web1 Solutions 🙂

    The custom theme would cost bit costly, around 10K or so…


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