Cable Bandh!!!

Due to unprecedented raids on the cable operators for carrying satellite movie and entertainment channels having Adult content, All Maharashtra cable operators have shut down the channels till further directions from high court. Kindly bear with us. – CODA (Cable Operators Distribution Associations)

This is what I saw when I checked my cable operator’s private channel. All other channels are blacked out, nothing works at all.

Okay, I agree these guys did bad to you people but why block News channels? From where do we check news?

Excerpts from the news report:

The raids are in response to a Bombay High Court order last December which banned TV channels from screening A and U/A rated films.

Police say despite the ban many channels were screening films with adult content and went ahead with the raids. 

There is more info on this issue here


  1. The cable operators are unnecessarily holding the paying public at ransom.

    This high-handedness should soon stop with the advent of Dish TV and Tata sky.

    India just celebrated its Independence day but what freedom is this where the Government decides what we watch ?

    Coming back to the cable operators… why block Discovery, National Geographic, Cartoon Network, Travel and Living ? What adult content do these channels show ?

    The paying public should join hands and take the cable operators to task. There are different ways to protest other than blocking channels.

  2. Nothing new..

    we have seen the recent block of blogger and other sites..

    Govt has gone mad

    screening, OBC quota, fake promises
    recently my near relative who is a MP commented..
    “few years ago we need to have lakhs to contest, but now we need cores and a loads of quater bottles”

    I see India in a bad position..

    does India need fast emerging youth poltics..?

  3. Actually Dish and TATA also taking advantage of us. If we want all the channels on DIsh then we will endup paying around Rs. 375, they have every good channel in every package of theirs so to get all channels, we will have to choose their maxi plan which has all the channels that we get. (+ the crap channels they offers, which we don’t need)

    The laws are too weak basically.

    I would blame that xviors profesor for this actualy, she had filed case for TV channels showing A and U/A content, for god’s sake grow up. Tomorrow they will want to block everything on the TV. WWE, some action movies, some love scenes, damn every other thing. What in the world they think? TV should be only for kids? just hate those idiots….

  4. yes, when i am paying for some service, why should service provider restrict me?
    i know what is good for me, i know these channels shows adult movies (like Rang De Basanti (U/A))and i am ready to watch those. then why the hell that proff. have problem?

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  6. Hey man you guys are having problems with the ban think about us we have a kind of official no-no to most of the hindi channels here in chennai how? simply because we have CAS here and you cant get paid channel without buying set top box and its not neccessary everyone will stay in this place for whole of their life so we dont buy the set top box and no paid channels for us. Really Chennai is the only place to have CAS as of now.

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