Blogcamp India (Chennai) anyone?

I got to know about it from Varun yesterday. And I decided quickly to be there 🙂 Ashish will also join me.

The event is kind of unconference. An event where all bloggers will meet, discuss and share ideas. Presentations, Demos, WIFI, Live Blogging and lot more to make a geek excited.

Info from the official site:

Blogcamp hopes to provide a forum where bloggers can share their stories and be inspired by innovative and successful blogging experiences. In the spirit of blogging and no-barriers interaction, the two-day event will be in an unconference mode.

Unconferences are immensely popular because of active participation of attendees, where everyone will be encouraged to have conversations around areas that interest them. Chaotic as that sounds, it sparks off many new ideas and is a whole lot of fun.

Useful links: List of topics to be covered (Damn, I would have loved to speak on SEO for blogs), Add yourself in the Attendees list here, List of Hotels in Chennai

Okay, I am done, tomorrow I am going to book flight’s return tickets and might also book hotel rooms online only.

Hope to see some of the readers there 🙂 (Do reply if you are coming)


  1. Yes certainly an event that has got bloggers interested into. But considering that not many can make it to chennai, I think the organising team should try to arrange for some video/audio feeds. So that it can extend ideas and notions to the rest of the blogger domain.

  2. Hi Aseem,

    Yes, there will be live audio feeds of most of the sessions. Live Radio, if you will!

    There will be delayed videos.

    There are some exciting prizes for live bloggers, video bloggers and this will ensure that there will be lots of action for you to catch up with.

  3. Ahh… It’s going to be fun for sure. That place is just some 15 mins drive (with moderate traffic) but I’m too lazy for all these stuffs. 😀

  4. I am really eager to be there! How about a small Chennai Meet? 😉 I am looking forward to meet Ashwin and a couple of more guys whom I have never met, but have interacted with them many times online 🙂

  5. I dunno, If I’ll be present as I got tests on Sundays, but will be present on Saturday, 9th. 😀
    Looking forward to meet some of you guys. 😀

    By the way, this blog is protected Spam Karma! Seems Deep had enough of Akismet! :p

  6. I may come if Deep is giving SEO speech 😉

    After looking at the Attendees list, I found that none is coming from my City 🙁

  7. Ashwin – I am using SK2 and Akismet both, there is a plugin which uses both together for better spam protection.

    John and Aseem – I am not sure about speaking for SEO as I have not done this earlier ever and apart from that someone else is also speaking on the same. Let’s see

  8. thanks for info 😉 will be there, most probably. Which hotel you are staying, can you suggest any hotel near the location?

  9. thanks for info 😉 will be there, most probably. Which hotel you are staying, can you suggest any place near the location?

  10. Hotel!!! We had decided on Residency but Varun is going to check the hotel which is near to Tidel park, he will get back to me with the status and then we will book it.


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