I got this email couple of days back…

Was nice speaking to you …Actually the concept is that all these designs that we are making are not sales BUT we will try and sell to clients after the new mockups (Layouts) are made and ready to show them . So there will be 100s of designs we will have to make everyday and hope 1% – 2% get converted . So I will be paying you upfront after my designer approves the design to keep a check on quality . So even if the design does not sell you get paid anyway and later if the design sells we will make the other pages in-house and complete the job .

Each designer will be able to make around 6-7 designs on a daily basis . We will give him the present URL and he will basically have to make a nice design accordingly so the client likes it and buys . He can take design ideas from other similar sites so that he can dish out designs real fast .. Hope you get the concept .. A good designer can even make 10 a day. We will be paying Rs. 150 for a single page design layout NO html needed. Just wanted to know if you can match this quality of mockups or even make better . These are just the examples what we are looking out for ….


  1. Thats remarkable!! There are plenty of stupid people around that give us our daily dose of laughter. Just tell the sender that I am thanking him for being there and sending this mail. Some humour in the day is really good for our health. πŸ˜€

    A mail from a joker a day keeps ….. πŸ™‚

  2. LOL! I get soo many of these emails…

    Freelancers have completely gagged the website design field. Thats why such stupid people come up with such stupid plans to the bigger companies.

    Am sure this guy is no other than a kiddo trying to make a buck πŸ˜‰

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