House of Flying Daggers – A must watch..

Well, it is a Chinese movie but if you are a movie lover then you will like this movie. All you need is, English sub titles, what else!!

Action scenes in the movie are just mind blowing. It is not like a typical Chinese movie but a pretty different movie with a good story.

Read more about the movie here


  1. hey deep don’t know that u do watch other movies… it is good to see this. Will try to check this too. I am looking for movie together (English title). If someone has idea of it… do let me know.

  2. Good to know this thing. Last day i watched 12 Angry men… any comment on this. I found this an extreamly good movie. what u say..

  3. I havent watched it yet, last night I watched Yu Hota to kya hota… ok ok movie

    tonight it is Silent Hill

    I will keep 12 angry man for download soon…

  4. Dharmesh – Would love to watch some good stuff…

    Urchin – Salam Bombay rocks!! I have watched it couple of times, a very good movie. Check out Shadows of time (this movie simpley rocks too)

    For He ni zai yi qi, I would suggest, checking DC++ hubs, you might find it there.

  5. won’t know much about DC++ hubs. can you please guide me how to search on this.

    Also, for those who like to watch good movies… checkout… White and Red (two french movies). but treat to watch.

  6. saw the movie…2nd half is not that great. first half is esp..esp the frist 15 mins :). the action is repetitive…have seen it in crouching tigerHD.

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