I am on Airtel Broadband Now…

I was using MTNL Triband for quite sometime at home, but I was constantly looking for an unlimited net connection.

Around 6 months back, Airtel guys started wiring work in our building for their phone and net connections. It took them approximately 4-5 months to finish the work. So once they were done with their work, I could not wait to ask them for their plans but I was disappointed to see no unlimited plans.

But few days back when I called them up, they gave me details about their 256kbps unlimited plan (Rs. 900 per month). But still there were some issues regarding connection in our building (Some wiring work was still pending) but I took advantage of my dad’s position…he is chairman of our building. We called up some airtel person who was in charge of the whole work and the very next day they sent their agent to my office, I applied for the connection and within 5 days, my airtel net connection up and running 😀

Till now I have not faced any problems, speed is excellent like MTNL Triband. I will write review on it after a month or so. (Will test it for a month)


  1. Thats Really good, everyone must take the advantage of some or the other thing to get the work done, or else these people will never do thr work on time .. good job Deep … 🙂


  2. Well Airtel is one of the best connections that has very low downtime. I also switched to 256kbps unlimited plan just two weeks back and the connection is great. It is good to know that you are out from that crap MTNL connection.

  3. Hi,
    MTNL Triband is very good infact, very less downtimes and constant 256kbps speed. The only reason I switched to Airtel was for unlimited plan.

    Speed wise both are very good.


  4. In chennai BSNL connection many times sucks and their customer service guys can never answer your queries, since MTNL is BSNL’s equivalent in mumbai, I thought it would also be crap. Well in chennai bsnl offers 256kbps unlimited connection.

  5. What r the installation details cost/procs of Airtel. Its ur choice ofcourse. Also, mtnl has unlimited plans 2 as i beleive, why not choose them. Any idea of some calling line identification equipment for mtnl land lines and their supply stores.

  6. Hi Loreno,
    They charge Rs. 500 for the installation their plans are available on their website or just call them up on their helpline.

    MTNL does not have any unlimited plans in Mumbai. They have it in delhi but it costs around Rs. 1400

    So if I get the same at 900 then why to spend 1400 🙂

    About calling card identification equipment – sorry I have no idea about it.

  7. HI, I am using MTNL tryband 256 kb for a month now, and god, it sucks. i mean it. i put a complaine everyday by routine. and the reply is ” oh sure. it will be ok within next 24 hrs”. I am tired and frustrated now. “O god send Airtell to the aria where i live. make me as lucky as Deep, please”

  8. sunilkumar said…
    VSNL / TATA Communications has launched its WiMAX services for consumers in Bangalore this week. Even though the branding is yet to be done, it will be known as TATA Indicom WiMAX broadband service for now. Bookings have started this week and installations will start from Monday. Reliance WiMAX had lot of issues when they started, but VSNL claims that they have done extensive testing like about more than a year and they have been providing WiMAX services to their corporate customers till now. They claim to have more than double base stations installed in Bangalore than Reliance. With the help of more base stations, they will be able to handle more requests, so lesser DHCP issues probably. TATA Indicom broadband (wireline) had frequent disconnection problems because of last mile overhead connectivity in Bangalore and other big cities. WiMAX should resolve this problem. So some tough competition for Reliance WiMAX now !

    The plans available are the same as TATA Indicom broadband plans, but plans with 256 kbps and above only. All prices are inclusive of taxes and all plans have unlimited data transfer.

    Pre Paid:
    Power On & On 3-256 – 256 Kbps – Rs 3203 – 3 Months validity – Installation – Rs 562
    Power On & On 6-256 – 256 Kbps – Rs 6068 – 6 Months validity – Installation free
    Power On & On 3-512 – 512 Kbps – Rs 5933 – 3 Months validity – Installation free
    Power On & On 6-512 – 512 Kbps – Rs 11,192 – 6 Months validity – Installation free

    for immediate CONNECTION it is Recommended to contact following numbers


  9. i want to take a airtel brodband connection kindly help me and give me any no or websit so that i could richd there…

  10. I Think airtel broadband is costly in terms of unlimited access / download , if you compare with TATA indicom and BSNL.

    Of course service wise bsnl is not good. However Tata indicome is far better.

  11. AIRTEL Franchise M/S BALAJI Communications Karol Bagh charged me 750/- rs for installation of broadband line to my residence which i was later told – is not even under their coverage area.

    I am not their customer . I gave money after i was told that the installation can be done.AIRTEL people picked the cheque from my residence and assured me again that installation will happen .

    My money is stuck for no fault of mine. I am asking my money back for services never rendered by AIRTEL.

    They has been unprofessional and unethical in charging me for something they do not have .They should have checked before taking my money and documents .They have conveniently told me that i will get money in 45 days time ! as per company policy !!

    I Don’t know the reason for delay in processing my refund , and also that , what action has been taken against mr. Krishna and mr.Ramesh from M/S Balaji telecommunications , Karol back for giving me incorrect information , charging me and then denying responsibility for they unreasonable and unprofessional conduct. Avoid Airtel . Airtel is Fraud. Airtel Service and Customer Care is Pathetic.

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