Day 2 – My Session on SEO

Okay, I had decided that I won’t be speaking on SEO but somehow I madeup my mind yesterday and today spoke on SEO for Blogs. I think people liked it. It was fun actually, I was kind of nervous was it was for the first time, but nervousness was for just 2 minutes in the begining and then it was all smooth and was fun.

I think they have recoreded the video of the session and it might be available online (or they might make it available soon)


  1. Deep, your session was enjoyable. Many thanks for the presentation. I think it would have helped if the session had more time for it, though I think it is difficult to get more time out of a heterogeneous group. Would be great if you could post the resources you were referring to in a post on your site ( etc.).

  2. so your camp is finaly over ha!!…
    and you will be coming back now..
    we are waiting for some more details from you πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Deep,

    Missed you people on 2nd day of conference. And when is the techspot meeting gonna be and I have not received any contact from you after the day I met you at BlogCamp! ?

  4. I am sorry for delay in reply guys, work did not allow me to do much of personal stuff.

    Venkatesh – Glad to hear that you liked it, I wish I had more time but anyways I will be up in next BlogCamp πŸ™‚

    The sites which you can refer are and

    Shivaranjan and Abhinav – I am not sure if they will make the video available online or not. (I will try to get the video from Sunil – the one who was shooting)

    Vinay – I was there on 2nd day too, My session was on the 2nd day itself. I think we had met also. About TechSpot meet, actually it was in our hotel room, only 5 people.

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