BlogCamp Chennai – So how as it?

Sorry guys for posting it after a long pause. I was out whole day Monday, meetings and all. And now finally I got sometime so decided to continue the post. (I had written half of it just after reaching Mumbai)

Going to Chennai for 2 days, leaving all the work… was it worth going to BlogCamp? I got these kind of questions from many people and I replied them with the single answer “You really missed it”

2 days with lots of exciting sessions and lots of messed up sessions too but I guess that’s the part of unconference and it was all fun. Some of the sessions finished one time and some even took more than 2 hours…

I had decided that I won’t be speaking on SEO but few things on the day one made me speak and I just prepared the stuff and booked the slot on day 2 morning. And this is how I landed up speaking on SEO.

Me speaking on SEO

Now after this I found that there are lot of people who want more info on SEO and Earning through blogs and I quickly decided to speak on “How to start earning through blogs?” I even spoke to Syed (one of the main organizers) but all the slots on that day were booked.

Okay, now enough of me speaking about myself. What else was there?

On day 1 I found technical sessions more interesting than the general ones. (May be I am more of a technical person) Ganesh spoke on, how to setup a blog on it and al. Aswin spoke on WordPress Hacks, Prassana spoke on Blogger Beta Hacks…

Day 1 part 2 was taken over by Podcast stuff by Kiruba and his friend Ram (I hope that’s the correct name) then there were couple of more sessions but I do not think so I remember them correctly.

Day 2 first part included my session and couple of others. Part 2 was kind of bad which had good session by Creative Commons guy but rest of them were not that good. Couple of them even spoke just for the sake of sessions and they ended up promoting their site rather than giving any info.

And now in that, there were few media hungry guys too who were trying their best to get attention of CNN IBN camera haha and I must say they succeeded too.

Now as all the sessions on the first floor (tech sessions area) were over, we were moved to the ground floor and I must say that was one of the best moments of BlogCamp. A healthy discussion. Very good discussion started by Dina Mehta, Peter Griffin and Kiruba Shankar. I wish it was continued for bit longer duration.

Then there was some contest going on. I could not attend it for some reason.

So that’s how things ended and in the end. I must say it was a great place to be and great experience too. Met many people. Amit Agarwal, Ganesh, Hitesh Mehta, Kiruba, Sunil, Syed and many more.

And I also learnt one thing. Never say No to Ashish when he asks you to sit on the window seat. Trust me, you won’t regret like I did. haha


  1. if i am right …i knew that your active in digit forums for past 3 /4 yrs.

    even i am digit forum fan..unfortunately not active for 2 yrs πŸ™‚

    anyway gr8 to see u r blog

  2. What’s up with the window seat thing? What will Ashish do? πŸ˜›

    I forgot to ask this… how did Chennai treat you? How was the climate? The food? The chicks?

  3. Blogger2Blogger 14-Sep-2006 at 1:37 pm

    Yo ,
    Interesting read !! Good to see things rolling as far as Blogging n Podcasting is concerned .

    You mentioned SEO n ways to earn money thru blogs .. can you put some more light in that area .. any link to ur earlier blog on this topic ??


  4. Hmm.. way to go Deep! I really missed the Day2, I was held up for some personal work here at my home. Glad I was able to meet you on day 1 πŸ™‚


  5. Blogger2Blogger – I currently do not have any topics specially on SEO for Blogs or earning through blogs but I will write something in future once I get some time πŸ™‚

  6. It looks like everyone enjoyed BlogCamp πŸ™‚

    After a very long time I was able to visit your site and that too only after I switched back to my ISP’s DNS.

  7. Yes, many people asked me whether it was worth going to Chennai, spend almost 2 days and almost 10K. Well, some people even asked whats a blog. But then thats besides the point.

    I must say it was worth every minute and every penny. Those who didn’t attend missed it! My outlook towards blog changed completely. And I will make all attempts to attend even the next blogcamp.

    And yes, as everyone knows now, Deep got more value for money. He learnt one lesson too and that too for free!! πŸ˜€

    And I also learnt one thing. Never say No to Ashish when he asks you to sit on the window seat. Trust me, you wonΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’t regret like I did.

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