Google launches pay per call service in India

I got to know about this from a thread at DigitalPoint. It’s like when you search for something, you see an ad with green phone icon, you click on it, it asks you to enter your phone number and that’s it. You get a call from the advertiser within few minutes.

Very smart and different way of advertising.

Checkout the ads here (Currently it is on 2nd position, is the site)


  1. Well concept is good, but wont be that big a sucess to start with. As an average n00b will hardly know abt or notice that green icon.

    I think google should have concentrated more on media ads, thats a big market.

  2. Hi Deep !!

    Interesting post !! Did you try the service ??

    # Am I charged to connect to an advertiser?

    No. Google foots the bill for all calls, both local and long-distance. However, if you give us a mobile phone number, your normal airtime fees or other fees charged by your provider for the call may apply.


    so what is ur interpretation of this ?

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