7/11 Mumbai Blast Case CRACKED!!!

Finally the case is cracked, master plan is out…and as expected Pak plays the Major role and I am sure this will shut Musharraf’s mouth. (And Mulayam singh’s too, who is representative of Terrorists, SIMI)

Excerpts from the report on Rediff

Addressing media persons, Mumbai Police Commissioner A N Roy said Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence was the ‘mastermind’ behind the terror attacks carried out by Lashkar-e-Tayiba with help from Students of Islamic Movement of India activists.

Out of the 15 people arrested in connection with the blasts the ‘direct role’ of 12 people has been established, he said, adding that out of them, 11 are Pakistanis, who arrived in India in batches.

The Commissioner said the main players behind the blasts are Faizal Sheikh, Kamaluddin Ansari and Ehtasham Siddiqui, state general secretary of SIMI.

About 15 to 20 kg RDX was used in the blasts, which was brought from Pakistan by one Ehsanullah. Ammonium nitrate, which was mixed with RDX, was provided by local groups. The bombs were put together in the Chembur area by one Mohammad Ali around July 8 to 10.

Roy said the bombs were kept in Faizal’s home in Bandra from where they were transported to the Railway Stations in taxis. The bombs were kept in eight pressure cookers of five litre capacity, which were bought from two shops.

Each bomb contained two to 2.5 kg of RDX and 3.5 to four KG of ammonium nitrate. The pressure cookers were kept inside bags which were in turn camouflaged in things like newspapers and umbrellas, he said.

He said all the arrested were trained in Pakistan and knew how to dodge interrogators.

The narco-analysis tests conducted on the arrested persons also helped in tying several loose ends. Faizal Sheikh told police he had received around Rs 60 lakh from Pakistan during the last few years, Roy said, adding that police recovered 26,000 Riyals from his house, which he received from one Rizwan Devra, an ISI operative living in Saudi Arabia.



  1. its not yet a peace deep.. we lag behind by 2 months.. the main culprits have flown to pakistan or elsewhere already.. pak will anyways denyt its role in blasts and keep on blasting more..

    we have people like J&K chief minister Gulam Nabi Azad and Mehbooba Mufti, who plead to President to take back death sentence of Mohammad Afzal (guilty for parliament attacks), just because afzal is a kashmiri, whole of kashmir is turning violent against this death sentence, at times i feel.. if kashmiris have nothing else to in their lives except violence then INDIA must either bow down to them adn give their kashmir or just fuck the terrorists and their supporters badly. The middle way of this is stupid and wont land us anywhere.

    if we remain like what we are like today, we are destined to get attacked several more times in future.

  2. pak will say it will give all the help india wants, then india will ask for convicts, pak sayz they are not in pak, india pressurizes, asks UN, US, and interpole’s help, they all ask pak to help india in investigations, pak produces evidences saying they are not in pak, nothing happens and then the matter cools down!!

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