Utthan Movie Review

I just watched this movie on DVD. I have no idea how it got leaked. This movie is supposed to release on 13th of October, my birthday. And I really thank the group who leaked this movie for not making my birthday a bad day.

What a movie, simply awful and pathetic piece of work. This is what happens when wrong people try to do everything on their own and they end up making a mess. I am talking about Kumar Sanu. He is a good singer but I do not know what made him think about Kumar Sanu Communications Pvt. Ltd. and producing this movie. I am not saying that singers should not produce the films, but I am saying, they should not produce it without handful of “good� resources.

Utthan has everything which makes a movie awful, poor music, poor direction, poor acting and yeah, dialogues written by Hindi literature professor. I was so confused in the movie that, I could not decide whether I should laugh or cry on those pathetic dialogues.

Enough of bashing, let me come to the story part.

The story is about white collared journalist (who turns to politician later in the movie) Prashant Bharati (Priyanshu Chatterjee) who uses Kiran Talreja (Neha Dhupia) to reach his goal. Kiran leaves her modeling career behind for her love interest Prashant, does everything (this includes sleeping with a filthy rich businessman and an abortion) that Prashant wanted but in the end she gets to know about the truth… and the climax….

This is the best possible narration I could give for this movie. The director, Ujwal Chatterjee fails miserably in placing the characters in the right place. Sometimes you get confused thinking, what exactly director is trying to say. And yes, the story leaves many questions and director does not care to answer them. Each and every character of the movie is wasted.

Music is by Kumar Sanu and it haunts you throughout the movie like characters from Ramsey brothers’ horror movie.

So to sum it up,

Story: Weak story, director takes quite sometime to narrate the story. It has many flaws which might affect your brains.

Acting: Lead characters of the movie, Priyanshu Chatterjee and Neha Dhupia are totally wasted. Rest of the cast is bad.

Music: Super Hit!!! Just kidding, it was like the movie, Pathetic.

How many stars?: Stars? Kumar Sanu stole my stars and left me with nothing. Absolutely no stars, 0 out of 5.

So, should I go for the movie?: I do not want anyone to be victim like me. Please save the money for other movies.


  1. gafla has been under production for a long time. its by my neighbour Sameer Hanchate 😉

  2. I just returned from Zindaggi Rocks, the movie sucked big time. I think it’s a sucking movie day today.

    Sameer – cool, I wish you had told me abotu this earlier, we could have got pre-release DVD too 😉 hehe

  3. Deep… you dnt seem to miss a single movie! : )
    I am waiting for guru ! i think i can skip rest of them this year!

  4. Oh yeah, I watch almost all the movies. Except the really bad ones, Bhoot Unkle and couple of other movies which released today.

    Yes, I am also waiting for Guru, even Don and I am also waiting to see the failure of Umrao Jaan. It started with the bad music, let’s see how the movie is. Even Jan E Man might be good but it is release along with Don and I am sure that Don will grab its market share. Even Kabul Express will be very good. But for now my eyes are on Gafla. Show is at 5.10 PM today.

  5. Akik Nil Mitra 08-Oct-2006 at 12:46 pm

    Kumar Sanu is always STAR. Whatever he does is just XTRA ORDINARY. KUMAR SANU ZINDABAD.

  6. Hey Deep i just watched this movie…was on the tv…wasted my life… I wish i read this earlier =(

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