1. Vinay, we both are in the same boat 🙂 Amit and me we both are in the same article hehe

    I will email you the link.


  2. read it deep..
    btw did u tell them that u earn xx a month through adwords..

    wow deep ur climbing heights 🙂

    Edit by Deep: Sorry I had to edit the amount here 🙁

  3. haha thhey had specifically asked me about it so I gave them the approx amount, not the exact though 🙂 It’s a mix of adsense and other stuff I do on the personal end.

    But if a person is full time blogger, then then income should be almost double of it 🙂 (Obviously he will have to work lot more harder to achieve the target)

  4. hi deep
    i just read an article about u in a telugu newspaper(online edition)…anyway do u want to know what they have written about u…so is it the reason which makes u to ask’Any one knows Telugu’

  5. hi

    they just wrote about oppurtunities with websites n blogs…like how one can earn money with those…they gave few examples ..u r one of them..but u guys r doing well..before(not before even now)generally most people think that internet is meant for chatting ..so u guys r giving some practical examples which r useful ..n i have few ideas about these blogs..though i dont have much knowledge about blogging…anyway i will think about it..
    anyways happy birthday to u n ur blog

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