Let’s test your math…

Okay, I am not gonna ask you guys any questions but my blog will ask you before posting any comments hehe. I just installed wordpress anti-spam plugin called Did you pass math? This is just another attempt to stop those spammy comments. (Though Akismet does the job well but still I do not want those spam bots to reach till Akismet)


  1. Now, my comments will not go into Akismet at least on this blog.

    I think this plugin is way better than Captcha.

  2. So 1 +7 is 8 right ?

    Well this is one cool plugin, way better than image verification. I’ve already enabled a similar one for

  3. As long as it asks me to add single digit numbers its fine. But really this thing is very useful.

    But wasn’t akismet good enough.

  4. Hey people like me who are weak in maths will not be able to post any comment on your blog then. You will have to give maths lessons, too, now.

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