Finally new Web1 is here..

13th October, 19th October, 21st October and finally 22nd October (which is supposed to be a bad day according to Hindu rituals)

These are the deadlines I had set for Web1 re-launch. I had plans to launch it on 13th October i.e. 2nd birthday of Web1 and then it moved to Dhanteras and then Diwali but finally, today I am out with the new version. I don’t care if it is a bad day or good day, I just can’t keep it offline anymore, haha

More I work on it, more perfect things I need. The layout was done few days back but I was not finding it perfect so I kept on working to make it perfect and finally, it is out with few very minor bugs, which I am going to fix them in couple of days.

So, what’s so great in this re-launch?

1. The main identity of the company changes: A new out of the box logo has taken place of old one. You may ask, why new logo? Actually, I wanted to re-launch web1 as a creative company, which believes in doing creating stuff all the time. And the earlier logo was not reflecting it, so I decided to go for a new one.

The new one is basically based on the game scrabble where we have added numerical value in the spelling (no numbers are allowed in the game) and redefined it.

2. The new design – Earlier design was more like a serious company but here we have tried to give a look of something fresh. I know we have played around with off-white shade a lot but other elements in the design are doing the job of making things different and fresh. πŸ™‚

I have plans to add many more features on the site but will add them on timely basis.

So guys, let me know the feedback on the site. You can check the site here: Web1 Solutions


  1. Awesome!! Thats the only word I can express the website is all about, it looks more like a Web 2.0 Interface/Layout! Something that I am crazy about.

    I do like the layout a lot, probably the logo can be done in the latest trendy Web 2.0 style which could have added more value to the site.

    The site’s layout is just too cool (browsed through Opera). Not found much bugs but I shall browse all the pages and tell you.

    But coming back to Layout, I am totally stunned looks like a creative layout, just like the color combinations being used.

    My one suggestion is Logo, could (not necessary, depends on various peoples’ likings). But I personally feel, such layout should have more sexier logo than one you have now. Though the present might be used elsewhere (Visiting Cards, Brochures, Letter Pad).

    Congrats Deep!! New Web1, oops… Creative Web1 rocks :-)!


  2. The first site that I opened today was web1 and saw the new layout. Then I came here and found out that you have launched it today! πŸ™‚

    It looks pretty neat and cool! Only one grouse! The text is on a lighter side. Make it a little darker. IMO, that will make it more readable.

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys..

    Vinay – I will stick with this logo only as I really liked it πŸ™‚

    Shyam – Opera is the way, it does not erease the comments when you press back button πŸ™‚

    Ashish – You are right, I will make the fonts bit darker…

    Thanks everyone..

  4. I loved the new logo. It matches perfectly well with the new tag-line. When it comes to spellings, scrabble comes to mind alongwith dictionary and thesauraus. So its an innovative idea. Hope scrabble guys don’t come asking for some royalty! :p

  5. Works charming in IE 7 Final (Microsoft Internet Explorer 7). Just checked your website through my Laptop which has IE 7 Final installed, you site loaded in less than 5 seconds.

    Man Deepa, looks splendid in IE 7 specially with those crisp fonts… :)!

    Check the screenshot :

    Way to go Deep! And as said the present logo looks awesome, but my suggeston was a web 2.0 based logo since the interface looked more like web 2.0 :)! And even you can try playing around with the present logo… (may be in future..)!

    Web 1 in Web 2 Style ;)!


  6. Its simply awesome.

    As dreamchaser said the interface looks like Web 2.0 Layout.

    Really impressive, professional and completely amazing.

    Nice work Deep
    Now Web1 looks more pro in professional way πŸ™‚

  7. Congrats…and all the very best.

    one suggestion though – dnt have scrolling in ur pages unless needed otherwise….

  8. 0 + 10 = 10

    Excellent interface Deep. The logo looks cool as well as professional same time.

    Thanks for bringing Web1 back.

    Hola Creative Web1

  9. The Design layout is awesome

    Its really giving a feel of Web 2.0 Interface.

    Totally professional looks.
    Now Web1 image in my mind has changed:)

    Its more vibrant.

  10. Hey deep,

    Nice design, great look to the new site, looks more youthful and vibrant.

    Earlier one was a bit cluttered but this one is much more good looking and the the logo and your catch line are also pretty good.

    Keep it up and wish you that web1 sees more and more such years of success.


  11. Superb design Deep. The earlier design was also great, but this one is far far better. I really enjoyed viewing this new design, was not feeling like to leave the site.

  12. the catchline and logo are just brilliant! if someone wishing to have his site designed comes to web1 he wont look elsewhere

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