My bad IE

IE seems to act worst when it comes to CSS. You will end up banging head but you won’t be able to trace the problem for the issue.

Similar thing happened to me today when a friend told me that in IE it is showing character O on the left side of the page. (Check boxed area in the screenshot)

IE Duplicate Character Bug

I tried to trace it myself but did not get any success so finally SitePoint forums came for the rescue and I got to know that my page was suffering from Duplicate character bug in IE. It was happening due to comments between floats.

I had placed comments between the left_box and right_box. So those comments were making things worse and the last character from right side link (View Our Portfolio) was getting repeated.

The problem got fixed once I remove those comments.

It’s pretty funny that we bang our head for these things, just to know that it was some stupid IE bug. lol


  1. IE is simply pathetic! In my XP-SP2 machine, if I make a change in .php or .html page and refresh the window, it shows the change.

    But if I make a change in .css and refresh, it doesn’t work. 🙁 I have clear the cache everytime I make a change in CSS.

  2. To Rohit,

    I saw ur blog. One glance at it and found the error there. The picture in one of your posts on Karthikeyan is of width greater than 380px which seems to be the max length for the content colum in ur blog theme. Change it to a width of 380px or lesser and IE will just shw it fine!

    I havnt seen many blog themes with browser problems. Mostly its adsense or such images that spoil the design.

    Newez have fun blogging. Lol!

    Aseem N

  3. IE is a nightmare for designers like me. sometime ago I used to hate mozilla whenever clients said ‘it doesnt look exactly the same in firefox’..

    then realized its IE which doesnt have a first class in CSS degree. Even now its a bit tough for me to make the page look exactly the same in both IE and firefox – especially if the page is three columned and is a bit long.

    I just make sure its perfect in firefox (as its the one showing the right thing) and leave it if IE shows minor changes

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