Orkut – want to know email of that babe?

Sorry for the bad title, I was not getting proper ideas for the title…. anyways, back to the point. Let’s cut the crap…

The scenario is this, you are a member at orkut and you want to be friends with one good looking girl, you send her friend request, she denies but you really want to know her. You send her request again, still no luck. So, now what? What to do?

Well, here is the way… send her friendship request, go to your friends list from the links on top. Click on the link which reads “open friend requests“, you will find ID of that person there. Click on Edit and you get her email ID.. lol

This is happening due to some bug in the Orkut but I am sure they will fix it soon.

Note: This is not only for educational purpose but also for fun purpose πŸ˜›


  1. Wow that’s nice. So how many girl’s email id’s you got till now?
    Bas aise hi bugs dhoondh kar sabko batao maaza aayega.

  2. haha nahi re, I didn’t bother to get emails lol I showed it to Aseem first and asked him whether it is worth posting or not, he said, go for it. I said ok why not hehe

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