Give me your blog post!!!

Okay, guys, let me directly come to the point. For SEO purpose, I always look for 2 things, 1. Good quality Links and 2. Good quality blog posts.

Basically I ask bloggers to write an article or review about the site I want and provide backlink.

I can pay anything between $10 to $30 for the post, it all depends upon the quality and theme of the blog. (I am also interested in only links too)

If anyone of you guys can do it, then let me know at deep at web1 dot in or by replying here.


  1. For a second I was a little confused of whether I was on Deep’s blog or that of an SEO pro. Lol! πŸ˜‰

    Hmm…Buying reviews from blogs, has been much in fashion. Just a couple of days back I got an email from the popular service Text Link Ads. They too have started a new service: where bloggers can buy reviews from advertisers. Guess you can try there too Deep.

    Certainly sounds all good, as long as it dsnt upset the blog readers!

  2. Good idea to create buzz about your site. My blog is quite new otherwise I would definately accept your proposal.

  3. I have SEO blog for seo ebooks information. I have just started it. So, it has no PR, but it is indexed by all google, yahoo & msn. And i will do detailed posting in it very soon. Just check it out If you want then i can add your blog on blogroll. Just reply me back with more info at my email id.

  4. Sorry guys, I was kinda away but I will get in touch with you soon πŸ™‚

    Karthik – It is a new form of advertising. It will be like – you write a review for a website, and we pay you for it. Got it?

  5. Just earned my first $125 and accepted one more review request so my total is $300. Not bad it does covers my server cost.

  6. Hi,

    Sorry if im posting in the wrong area. But i think i shud appreciate ur good work on the blog.

    Good one there especially te movie reviews and the design tips!

    .::[ M ]::.

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