Dhoom 2 Movie Review

Whistles, Whistles, Whistles… that is what I could hear when Hritik arrived on the screen. Whistles, Whistles, Whistles… this is again what I heard when Hritik made his 2nd entry.. and this continued till the end. But these whistles did not blow up at the time of Abhishek Bachchan or Aishwarya Rai. So this clearly says that, “the movie belongs to Hritik!!!�

Let me not express my excitement so soon. Let’s jump to the story.

Like earlier Dhoom, here too there is a smart and cool thief -Mr. A aka Aryan (Hritik Roshan), there is a smart inspector – Jay (Abhishek Bachchan), there is a funny inspector – Ali (Uday Chopra) and this time couple of more characters… one more inspector Shonali Bose (Bipasa Basu) and someone.. (I do not want to spoil the things) who is known as Sunehiri (Aishwarya Rai) and yea.. not to forget there is our Sweety (Rimi Sen) too (Jay’s wife).

So what’s the story? Aryan is always behind the precious priceless things in the world and running away from police, undoubtedly Jay is the cop chasing him. But the problem is, no one has seen him, the only thing they know is, the sign which he leaves behind in every theft. And because of magical (mathematical) power of Mr. Dixit (Jay), they get to know the next date and place of Aryan’s target too. But like always, they fail to nab him, Mr. A is smarter than these guys. But the chase doesn’t end… rest is to watch…

The movie starts with powerful action sequence and it continues till the end. If you are a bike lover, then you might miss the bikes here. There are few bike sequences too but like last part, it does not have bikes all around. The movie has couple of illogical action sequences too but, let’s hide our brain below the seat for sometime… and there are more of logical thefts too. And yea, I was really happy to see “working� computers in the movie. Generally in Indian action movies you get to see computer screens with Dos prompt opened or computers stuck at the bootup screen but here I could see Windows XP haha.

Leaving the jokes apart, Hritik ruled the movie..action sequences were just amazing, specially the chase between Ali and Aryan. Uday was his best and cracked some really good jokes. Abhishek did his job well. I do not understand the need for Bipasa Basu’s role in the first half. Aishwarya Rai did her job well. Cinematography was very good point of the movie, Brazil is shown very well. Loved the locals there.

Let me sum it up:

Story: Like every chase movie, tom always runs behind jerry. But it was with bit of twist here. Good story, keeps you seated till the end and gives some shocks in the end too.

Music: Not so impressive but it starts growing on you as you watch the movie.

Acting: Hritik – the man… he rocked. Uday takes 2nd place. (Oh yea, I know he can’t act so well but he can surely make you laugh) Abhishek, Aishwarya and Bipasa did their job well. The movie concentrates more on Hritik.

So overall, I would give this 4 stars out of 5. Yes, it totally deserves it. 100% filled with entertainment. And yea, the ending is not as stated in those text messages that we get on our phones.

Predicto Meter: The movie is definitely going to cross hit mark very soon and there are high chances of it crossing Super Hit mark too.


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  2. I was hoping to see this movie, but even here in Dubai (released on Thursday itself), it’s full for a week or so. I want to see this movie badly, let’s see if I can watch it…

    Nice review man…I come to your site for all the BW movie reviews. 😀

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  4. Great review… Here in Goa IFFI goes on till 3rd December so no Dhoom2 in multiplexes here [:(] Gonna have to wait…

  5. check this out from

    The initial figures coming in for Dhoom 2 are extraordinary. Many theatres have already declared collections for the whole week as all tickets are gone. It may be premature but the trade is already talking about record gross and for the trade, record gross means distributor share which is 45 crore for Gadar and in order to achieve that Dhoom 2 will have to do an unbelievable 80 crore+ nett. Only time will tell if this can happen but at the moment its celebration time for YRF because at places the film has collected 1 lakh on first day when capacity is just 85,000. The film will break every first week circuit record except for maybe Delhi/UP due to release problems in Delhi. Even the long standing Bihar record of Indian(2001) will go as Dhoom 2 opens bumper there on a record 55 cinemas.

  6. dhoom 2 can be seen for hritiks performance.. and some great Visual Effects by the TATA ELXSI team… only see it if u have loads of free time else its worth a skip…

  7. This is the film…which can called really as a full Hrithik Film & for which i m waiting again for it’s DVD after RDB…Hrithik gives his Best…From the 1st scene…he was showing…who is he..what for he..just awesome…those who…telling that..the film is crap !!! bogus..i think they allways go to the movie hall for putting up any wrong..any small & small things from that film..actully they dont go there for entertaining…So i think they are wrong from there point of view about DHOOM 2…iTS BECOMING a big hit…isnt it ??? Hrithik & Ash perfect match…the scenes \\\”The conversation between Hrithik & Ash(Specially at first)\\\”…is awesome..fab. The concepts of this film…is unimaginable…when hrithik goes for the Diamond…the scene is Unforgetable,useing of the magnetic power on the road….Really like Hrithik words in this Film…\\\”It is Perfect\\\”. Dancing…..mind blowing man…ROCK ON…We really want this type of movie…where we r not bored. Costumes are very very very good. Abhishek is so-so. Uday is as good as Dhoom. Bipasha is too HOT…here i think i have to tell you that..this charecter dont need in this movie. Ash is like rapchi+modern type girl…and she is cool,hot & sexy…he is also perfect in this movie. The film dont bore us from the 1st scene.The makeUps are as BEST as Hollywood like makeUps.Totally amazing.I can say that songs are good.But Crazy Kiya,Dil Laga Na & the mostly Dhoom Again is AWESOME. Last of all those who telling that they missed John and Bike chasing..for their kind informations…1stly director,producer told at first that there is no even a single scene for why they missed him..i think it is to much…2ndly there is bike chesing in this film..i think they didnt see the film properly. So go & watch the movie and feel the rhythm of DHOOM 2

  8. Deep: I always like your reviews. I saw the movie and then happened to read your review – could not believe that you gave it 4 out of 5.

    Did the director pay you for writing this one? 🙂

    I would give it 2 out of 5. Total waste.
    Check out the reviews at IMDB

    “Aishwarya and Bipasa did their job well”
    Bipasha hardly got much to do in the movie. Aishwarya looked good, but that’s about it.

    Disappointed with this review, mate.

  9. Hi Sunil,
    Actually when I review any movie, I look at it from prospective of normal public. Like how they will feel about it and what will be their reaction. And as mentioned in the review, the movie is doing really good with record breaking opening, the night shows are full on week days too.

    check these quotes from

    Dhoom 2 has done exceptional business overseas and the makers expect the film to cross their earlier smash hit Fanaa in the Overseas circuit. In India to say its weekend business is earth shattering would be an understatement. From Jammu to Jalandhar to Jaipur to Jamshedpur to Jhansi to Jabalpur, all records have been broken.

    Dhoom 2 Overseas

    UK-£415,701 from 51 cinemas

    USA-$1,298,477(4 days) from 63 cinemas

    Rest of the World-$1,150,000(4 days) approx

    The film witnesses the greatest opening ever seen in recent times. The North is just mind boggling as many theatres witnessed overcrowding and 110-125% collections in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. There have been release problems in Delhi/NCR but collections were 100% due to it being played on fewer cinemas. Overall the reports are mixed for the film but the craze and appreciation for Hrithik Roshan in the film is immense which may enable the film to become a massive hit.

    It is highly possible that, out of 10, 2 might find it bad or say average movie but the movie is liked by 80% of the public.

    About Bipasha and Aish, actually they did their job well, they did not have much to do but whatever they had to do, they did their work well with no dose of overacting.

    I hope this clears the stuff 🙂


  10. I have seen the movie and thus can say that ur review is very true. I just noticed hrithik in the film. He just stoled the show. Hats off to him.

  11. while watching movie… it reminds me of number of films from the very first seen. We might call this one mix bag of pickle. Till Mumbai, movie has nothing but just crap but once they are face to face (first Ash & HR and then with AB)movie somehow holds you. Ash tan sort of look is sansual but on acting note it is pretty low.

    There are few master strokes too, like the fort scene, gun/ kissing scene, and then the climax.

    Overall a good time pass but it could have been better.

    PS: Hey the song crazy kiya rey… won’t you think reminds some old song…

  12. Vishalsing Nowbuth 22-Jan-2007 at 6:24 pm

    What a pile of total crap. Dhoom is such a rubbish movie, with pretentious garbage actions and actings. It simply tries to immitate and equal the West actions + tony jaa fightings, but completely fails!!! A real shame for India. Story was so awful. Toxic Waste!

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