What happens when…

What happens when you have….

My xbox 360


something you have been dreaming for 1 year, something you have been dying to play, something for which you spent 750 bucks..and still you can’t play it.

Well, talking about my XBOX 360 console which I got from US (a close friend brought it here). I am waiting for step down voltage converter to arrive so that I can plug-in US based power supply (110V) to it and enjoy the game.

Now, you must be wondering why the hell 750 USD for USD 399 game.

Well, this is what I got in USD 750

  • XBOX 360 PRO Console – USD 399
  • 1 Wireless Controller – USD 50
  • 3 Game CDS – USD 180
  • Rest US local tax and etc.. etc..

It is just really strange feeling when you can’t play it and all you can do is, stare at this bloody beauty…


  1. Congratulations! Gears of War is a great game! CoD3 didn’t get good reviews and there were issues with the resolution it was running at. NFS should be fun.

    Enjoy your console!

  2. Cool Man!!! Finally you got it. Congrats dude. Nice choice of games. Thoda dheeraj rakh yaar, sabra ka fal mitha hota hain ;)..

    ps: Play on Plasma it rocks πŸ˜‰

  3. Congrats Deep!

    I just saw the console playing and drooling at my friends house.

    Hey is your pricing cheaper or….more expensive?

    Post some gaming in action now!
    We wanna see Deep Playing πŸ˜‰

    Game on!

  4. u gaming freaks really spend a lot on gaming stuff. I would have never spent this much. I cant even spend 10 Rs. ( cost of blank CD )on a game CD. LOL.

  5. No, in India we get Pro console for Rs. 27500 and in US it is USD 399 i.e. around Rs. 18,000 and I got Pro Console + one extra wireless controller + 3 games (each around Rs. 2500) + taxes and all for Rs. 34,000 or so.

  6. Rohit – I personally like COD 3 than Gears of War… may be because I like more of war games. But yea, you guys are anytime invitied πŸ™‚

  7. Hi, firstly congrats on the console. I was wondering about getting one from the US myself but these are region locked, aren’t they, so how do I play games that I buy here in India?

    Any way of getting around that?

  8. Actually, the US will console work on TV set which supports NTSC; in India we have PAL. So the games that will work with your console will be NTSC based or Region Free ones.

    In india, we can get NTSC based as well as PAL games but in official stores, you get only PAL. But on Ebay or say Heera Panna or few stores in Delhi / Gurgaon you will get NTSC an Region Free games too.

    In short, you should not worry about getting the games. You will get more games than PAL here, more in the terms of latest and newer ones.

    2nd thing you should keep in mind that, you will get to get a step down converter to make your US based game work here. The best converter will be of 300w which can convert 220-240v to 110v.


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  10. Hi Deep,

    I am planning to buy an XBox 360 from the US. Can u please let me know what is required to make it work in India i.e step down convertor, which region games (PAL/NTSC) etc. Moreover, can u play pirated games on the console without any mod chip (as most pirated games are NTSC region encoded)?
    Do mention if u have faced any other problem too.
    Thanks in advance !!! πŸ™‚

  11. Hi,

    Ive just brought my xbox360 back to india with me too, but im confused over which step down converter to buy. most seem to be for non-electronic goods. which one did you end up getting, and from where? thanks!

  12. I have a new GTA 4 for Xbox 360….Pal version!! which will work on any console bought from India….My console is from US and it doesn’t play PAL games as US is NTSC…so anyone who is interested in buying this game from plz contact me…..price negotiable!!! cheers
    contact me at

  13. hey deep,
    i gt a XBOX 360 pro 4m the US..
    will the PAL games i have work on it..
    also i hv a few NTSC gamez 4m the US,will dey wrk ??
    also will there be ne issues with the TV ??


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