Dr. Ambedkar statue vandalised in Kanpur. Dalits start stone pelting in Mumbai. The very next day, they declare so called Bandh. School children going back to home early, shopkeepers shutting the shutters in the morning, busses are stopped on the road, rickshaws are parked in the corner of the streets….

And policemen are…. I have no idea what they are doing…

It is really sad that, in India, any political goons can call a Bandh and our protectors (Policemen) can’t do anything.

God, save our country.


Dalits on the street of Mulund, carrying metal rods and shouting slogans. (Images)

Dalits on the street

Dalits on the street


  1. So much damage to public property and commotion. I guess if he were alive then he would’ve felt hurt by such an act. Sad to see such overwhelmingly fierce reaction from the masses.

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