Finally won the war…

Before you start thinking, I am talking about the war, in the game, Call of Duty 3. 14 maps, more than 7 days of gameplay. (4-5 hours each day)  Frustration, Patience, Anger and finally Joy of finishing the game. Amazing game which make you feel as if you are in the battlefield and have to plan out things so that you can save your crew and kill Germans. The game not only involves fighting but also it makes you drive Jeep, Tanks and lots more.

This game is a must play for the war game lovers. And if you don’t like war games, try this one, you are gonna start loving it.


  1. Holy Cow! What a coincidence!!! I also completed a war game yesterday, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Although I had completed it nearly 13 months ago, but felt like playing it again some days back. Now started playing the expansion packs; Spearhead & Breakthrough. Will get Call of Duty today, will play it after I complete Medal of Honor. I love World War II based games. It really makes you feel that you are indeed there. Awesome game. I love those guns, tanks, everything. And incidentally I also saw Pearl Harbor last night. I really want to play the pacific part of the World War II. Which is covered by Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, sadly though it doesn’t run on my PC. Do try Medal of Honor series too Deep. Its great.
    PS: I didn’t know Deep you play games as well. And that too war games. Jeez! Its among my favorite genre.

  2. Actually I too love war games most and I always look for war games to play. Now like you said, Medal of Honor, I will try to buy it soon.

    These days I am loving NFS Carbon too – I like police chase thingy….

  3. Carbon also doesn’t run on my system, but I played the demo on my friend’s PC. Dunno why but didn’t like it much. Most Wanted was really a hell lot of a fun. Played that?

  4. Nopes, I haven’t played NFS MW yet, actually I bought carbon thinking it’s new. But i donno much about diff. between NFS MW and Carbon..

    Does MW has option like – a person ask you to finihs xx things and you have to do it to pay him back or somehting? (I think it was in GTA right?)

  5. Since I haven’t played Carbon’s full game, just the demo. So I don’t know much about it. Most Wanted has a blacklist in which your aim is to get to the top, and for that you have to knock off every driver off the list one by one, and to challenge one you need to complete some races and cop chases. Its a good game. Didn’t play GTA either, so dunno about that as well.

  6. Kool…
    Try this games
    War on Mars: Doom 3 (can read about the game on my site )

    Desert Storm (Awesome games)
    Max Payne (not really a war, but a kind of single man war)
    Mafia (a must action game to be played)
    Die Hard Triology

    Once you finish this, will post more names.. hehe 🙂

  7. 3+8=11

    I wanted to ask one thing Deep, How much do those HD-DVD’s cost for Xbox 360. And I never really liked any war games other than Delta Force.

  8. Bhavik – I will surely look around for these titles after sometime. (The answer for “sometime” is below)

    Karthik – Each game makes hole of Rs. 2500 in my pocket lol

  9. 9+0=9 LOL

    Hmm.. 2500 bucks for each and every is okay when it comes to PC they change it according to their wish. Last time I saw there was an original game DVD for 2000, I was like what the hell happened to the 1k tag. But it seems it was only for one game coz it was toooo popular don’t remember which one though

  10. It’s an incredible feeling beating the last level of a game, nobody else understand what you’re so excited about except for gamers. Congrats!~

  11. Hi
    Surprise! Im also a war game addict. Medal of Honor, Call of Duty are my hot fav’s. I like First Person Shooter (FPS)games like Soldier Of Fortune, Hitman, Commando Strike Force…
    But war games are more special.

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