BSNL Broadband – is it so bad?

I have heard lot of (bad) things about BSNL Broadband, speed problems, upload capping etc.. but this one is pretty strange and shocking.

I got to know about this from a thread in TechSpot forums. A friend of mine, Dinkar (userid Din) is trying to get his BSNL broadband connection but the guys over at BSNL are delaying it without any reasons.

He is trying for almost a year but still he no one from BSNL has bothered to respond him back. Till now, he has made 225 phone calls, visited BSNL offices 30 times.

Following is quote from this website:

Due to the delay my position in the waiting list for Dataone broadband became number 82 from number 1. It was solely Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited – BSNL’s fault and they never admit it. I am losing a lot of money every minute as I had lot of plans based on broadband . None of the promises given by the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited – BSNL’s officials were kept.

Starting from January 2006, I made about 225 phone calls so far related to this matter. I visited various BSNL offices at least 30 times. I made a lot of requests and I sent registered letters to the concerned and higher officials of BSNL 10 times.

All information regarding this can be found on his website: Waiting for Broadband

Dinkar, don’t loose hope and fight back. Good Luck


  1. Shit! U got this post b4 me Deep! Believe me, I was just abt to post this stuff. And yea the website Waiting for Broadband is quite hillarious!

  2. taarikh per taarikh , taarikh per taarikh , aakhir kab tak yeh chalega ?

    shout this dialouge from “Damini” just like Sunny deol did it , may be it make any impact on those dumb ears.

  3. quite strange..
    well i was kinda lucky in this case..
    i got my BSNL broadband connection within 7 day of application 🙂
    and i didn’t have any probs..
    and even speed was good..
    i used to get avg around 30kBps 🙂

  4. I am using BSNL DataOne in my Home and Our cafe, pretty good performance, though we had to fight a lot to come to this position, but trust me with that in account also, i say its the best data network service in My area with in compair with Tata / Sify / AirTel

    No other ISP is matching the 2MBPS Speed that BSNL is giving with ease… we use one 2 MBPS account in our cafe…

    Choto Cheeta !!

  5. Actually it is same problem with government service providers.. they have bandwidth, they give good speeds but the process between signup and activation takes hell out of you…

  6. The first thing I’ve done after coming to hyderabad was filling up an application form for dataone. I thought it’ll be quite easy as we already had a telephone connection where we’re staying, hence no cabling is required.

    But after 5 months, I still don’t know what is my status, I can’t even call these sarkari logs, as I don’t know telugu.

    PS: “Did you pass math” requires javascript need to be enabled, as I again fail the math with it disabled.

  7. First, thank you very much for your comments. Some of the people who visited the site told me it is too detailed and they do not have time to go through the entire site, so it will be nice if I make it very short. So here it is – for those who are very busy

    1. I have applied for the BSNL tel conn in 2003, I have no complaints for waiting till 2006 as I know there was no option to give me conn, waiting list was long etc. In Jan 2006, I came top of waiting list, Feb 2006, they told me everything is ready and in March 2006, they sent a fesibility report (official written report with sig, seal etc) telling everything is ok and ready. But then they told me some major work is needed to give me connection. As I am not that good in the telecom tech terms, I believed it and waited again. They kept telling the same for about six months and then all of a sudden, told me it is not feasible. Then I started sending requests to PG cell, higher officials etc. Finally the General Manager – BSNL – came to know that and give strict order to provide conn immediately. Now they started working. So I got the conn in Aug end 2006. I was there when they worked for my conn and I came to know that ‘the major work needed’ took only 6 hrs ! They delayed it from Feb 2006 to Aug end 2006 without any valid reason. For a 6 hr work, they took more than 6 months.

    2. Another thing they mentioned that they couldn’t locate a tel conn near my house (they had the tel number, but not the address !!) and that is the reason for delay. I was travelling a lot and I couldn’t check with em for about one month. Evenafter one month, they repeated the same thing. I asked them the number, went to BSNL portal, then directory search and found the address in 3 mins. Then I went out (it was near my home) and enquired about the person, address etc and got exact details in 30 mins. I handed over it to the person (BSNL official) who was supposed to get the details. So for a thing which takes 33 mins exactly they took 30 days !!

    3. Due to the two things mentioned above, my position in the waiting list for broadband came down to 82 fom number 1. 64 people in the waiting list got BB and I am still waiting for it. It was not because of any mistake form my side.

    4. The website is not for supporting any Pvt ISP or bashing BSNL without any solid proof. Whatever mentioned in the site is 100% true and I have proof for everything. All requests I sent were registered letters and I included the copies of the same in the website

    5. I found a BSNL Officers yahoo group and sent them all a very polite request to have a look at the site. I didn’t expect any miracles (my experiences with BSNL taught me, never expect any miracles !) and I received replies like – I am anit-national, I am sponsored by some PVT ISP, I lie a lot, I didn’t send any requests to officials etc. Most replied didn’t even go through the entire site. As they are in BSNL it is much easy for them to verify whether things mentioned in the site is true or I am just exaggerating things. But nobody cared.

    6. I do not have any other alternative (no other ISP in my area) and that is the reason I am behind BSNL

    Anyway, I got a lot of support through internet and I really appreciate the great help. For example, many asked me to file request under RTI and I did so. That seems working, but again I am not very optimistic about the broadband connection.

    Thank you all, I will keep you updated


  8. Interesting i had BSNL myself a while back. When the released the unlimited scheme I immediately applied for it but they were not willing to change my scheme since I was using a business plan. I got frustrated and immediately switched to Airtel. Airtel is the best especially the customer care. I have had a few issues with my modem they personally send their engineer and they are quick to respond.

  9. Amit Kr. Masih 18-Mar-2007 at 3:39 am

    I really surprized to read the tale but in my case the things were different when I needed broadband connection I didn’t had the basic telephone. I enquired and found out the details and then applied. withing fifteen days I had telephone instruments as well as line connected at my residence. in next fifteen days I got the password as well. the broadband is working without problem and I have used it to download about 400 GB data (u know the benefit of Unlimited connection there is not botheration about the bandwidth and downloads)and I am very happy about the service as I don’t require service (it is good not to require service) Broadband has changed the way I sruf the net.

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