Aryan Movie Review

I was waiting for this movie when it was getting delayed for the release and now when I have watched it, I wish, this movie never would have released. It is very difficult to narrate agony of the movie reviewer and other 13 people in the theatre who were sitting just for the sake of their 150 rupees.

But let me try to express my agony through this review. This one is going to have spoilers too but I am sure you are not going to blame me for that, I am just trying to save people from watching the movie.

Hero is a boxer in the college, he is in love with the heroine. Heroine is rich so her mom does not agree for the marriage and in between, heroine gets to know that she is pregnant. Hero leaves his boxing behind and marries her. Now, they have a 4 year old kid. Hero is working somewhere as TV host, heroine is working as a VJ. Hero interviews his old pal cum rival – who is now national champion boxer – but he ends up fighting with him for some reason. Hero looses the job, he has nothing to do, he fights with his wife. Wife leaves the house but wife wants hero to be happy so she asks hero’s old trainer to make hero join boxing ring again. Hero agrees but misses his wife. Hero Vs. friend aka rival in national level final match, hero wins the match, yells around the name of heroine and they hug each other. The movie is over and there is relief on everyone’s face.

Oh yea, I missed the songs in between. There were 3-4 songs too.

I could not find anything new in the movie. The movie is mixture of various movies like Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) and Rishtey (Anil Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor).

To cut my agony into one line, I would say, the movie is total waste of time and money.

Let me sum up the things before it gets as boring as the movie.

Story: Yawn!

Music: Not bad, couple of songs were good. Janeman and It’s a beautiful day were very nice.

Acting: Sohail Khan did his job very well by maintaining the same expressions throughout the movie i.e. blank face. But Sneha Ullal beats him. (There was a tough competition between them) Sneha needs some acting lessons and I have no idea why they have to show her as a mother, she is a kid, 20 year old kid. Her character should be some college going girl not a mother of 4 year old kid. Rest of the cast was hopeless.

So overall I would give this movie — stars out of 5. No, I did not forget to add the stars but this movie was so much hopeless that I cannot give even half star out of courtesy.

Predicto Meter: Disaster.


  1. Now this is a very boring story, really bad, and I feel that such a story when stretched to a 3 hour movie will get ever worse, so no wonder about your rating.

  2. lol.. finaly its released .. lool

    i enjoyed your review more thn you got bored by the movie … lol… u r a money saver Deep 😛

    welll i knew the story .. but just wanted to know how will it turn out …

  3. but….i thought the movie got released(prob some months ago…hahaha) n failed.nice to knowthat it failed…finally

  4. Man I saw this movie.. had to cut time had no other option but to watch this movie as in the multiplex all other movies were house full..

    man sick movie Rs 150 govinda 🙁

    some more *facts* from the movie

    1) Sneha ullal mother of a 4 year old kid.. LMFAO!!! she herself is a kid.
    2) Nationals team lol.. I think in National matches state vs State matches happens and both were from the same state then how on the earth can they fight each other in finals lol..
    2) Awful direction in a boxing match they are introduced depending up on there shorts colour then there name.. here they introduce them as hero lol
    3) In a boxing match they announce the weight category etc etc.. nothing was announced.
    4) Strange but true.. there were more female audience then male audience to watch a boxing match ROFL..
    many many more.. I recommend you download a DVD rip and watch it .. i think it is not worth downloading also 😀


  5. This movie will be best for the couples as no one is going to dare to watch this movie and couples can have fun in empty theatre lol

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