Bye bye PIII

Well, time for farewell for my PIII desktop machine. New Core 2 Duo replaced it today. 🙂 I used it for approximately 7 years and now its time is over and it died today. I tried to save it but due to heart attack it died. (Issues with mother board)


and welcome my new baby haha…

The config of old machine:

PIII 450 MHz
Intel Original Motherboard
256 MB RAM
120 GB HDD
4 MB Internal Video Memory

New Machine:

Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 GHz (E6003 E6300 If I am not wrong)
Intel Original Motherboard (D946GZ)
160 GB HDD
128 MB Internal Video Memory

Now I feel this new machine really fast.. I don’t have to wait for opera to load haha

I don’t use my desktop machine for work purpose but for downloads, ripping it is used. And yea, my sister too uses it. So in short, it’s her machine now.


  1. I cant believe you’ve been using a PIII all along lol! But then, you got an excellent laptop 😛

    You used a PIII for ripping? omg.

    Congrats on the new wheels, long live the new desktop [named it?] 😀

  2. Cool,

    I envy you config man ( actually just the processor :p )

    Ohh and yea, its E6300 ( NOT 6003 😉 )

    Me soon gonna lay my hands on a similar confir, although in a Laptop 😀

    All the best to you with your new config 🙂

  3. Thanks guys.. I have corrected the number to E6300.

    Harsh – No I never used to rip on old machine, i had tried one, it took around 3-4 days lol

    About name, actually I wanted to keep it Daku Mangal Singh but I can’t keep as that machine is used for work purpose too.. (host name goes into mails sent from outlook haha)

  4. 7+10=17

    Man good upgrade and welcome to the dual core club. And ripping for you .now will be a over night job at the maximum. Great config by the way

  5. hey man.. Beat my config.
    HP ea6183 notebook
    Core 2 duo 1.88ghz
    1gb DDR-2

    256mb DDR3 Dedicated nvidia
    100gb HDD
    15.4 wide screen
    with touch buttons for volume
    and coolestof all isplay DVD(s) without switching on windows.. where it gives 8 hrs backup

    overall Rs53800/-
    works superb for my designing work, wished a lil more graphics for my maya work.
    and good luck with ur new notebook too [:)]

  6. Congrats on buying that monster Deep. /me is getting envious of your rig.

    [OT]Why do I get nos. less than 9 in the math plugin even though I like maths and others get higher nos 😛 [/OT]

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