#*#!@# Mornings

Planned morning schedule in the night: Wake up at 9.30 AM, call up clients, finish up replying to emails, calling designers and programmers. Finish all the stuff by 11 AM. Start working on the layouts.  Work till 1.30 PM. Have lunch and leave for the meeting at 2.

And this is what happens: 10 AM – I wake up (I sleep at around 3-4 AM), 2-3 Missed calls on the phone – call them, 8-10 emails, reply them. Attend other calls. Prepare couple of quoations. Call designers, programmers for update. Call clients for payment. Beg few client for pending payments.

Oh I still have few emails left to reply, I still have to finish couple of small changes in few sites. (Unexpected site changes – it happens daily)

11. 40 AM, still have to reply to few emails, still have to finish couple of small changes and yeah, I have to write this blog post too lol

I might finish the stuff and by 1.45 PM I will have to finish up lunch and all. Leave for the meeting.

And the layout work gets delayed to evening from the morning.

So this is how things get delayed. But again, the delays are for me only, client gets the stuff on time. Almost on time 🙁 (Few hours here and there)


  1. Man you need to take a vacation 😛 Else a better Resource utilization algorithm 😛 Else a Dual Core Brain 😛

  2. rooma… pls excuse deep for the folly, all work and no play makes Deep a uh… ok dont want to say u dumb 😉 Deep 🙂
    But yea.. i was reading your post at arnd 12:30 posted by you at 11:50, it said: “At 1:00 AM…” Ok I can excuse you for the AM thing but hw the hell did u manage to see what u wud be doing an hour later??? :p lol! Ok good u edited it out :p

  3. rooma fixed the error 🙂 thanks..

    Aseem – Basically I am trying to say, what I had planned, what is happening and what is going to happen. And I was right.. it is evening time and I am going to start work on another layout 🙂 (After sending quotation to one client)

  4. Hard Working Deep! hehe…

    Dude…it always happens..

    And well I was thinking may be it was happening with me only. 🙂

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