Big Boss or Ad Boss?

You must have got the idea about what I am saying if you are regular viewer of the reality TV show Big Boss.

I try to watch Big Boss daily and I have noticed that, every day I see new promotional tactics added in the show.

Take example of stuff like songs which are played daily, damn today they crossed the limit, I could hear some song called Kulvadhu… haha that is some song of their TV serial. Imagine hearing this kind of crap when you wake up, how can a morning be good?

2nd thing I noticed it, camera focus going again and again to Ariel and Gillette posters around. There is nothing wrong in it but it should focus more on the contestants or find a better way to promote the stuff.

I hope they don’t put ad posters all around the house now.

Now, some off topic on Big Boss. I must say, Rakhi Sawant is doing very good job by showing her stupidity in each and every episode. It’s fun watching her.


  1. Its fun watching Rakhi Sawant?!! Huh! I get so irritated! Some1 pls tell me that all other guys too feel the same! :p

    These shows are all completely scripted… i mean all the daily nautanki is just for a TRP inc…

  2. out of that 40 or 50 min episode how much seconds they allot for those sponsors ,very few.
    but about Rakhi after her return she try to grab most attention on each camera while task or anything else.

  3. Aseem – Yes and that is what makes me laugh.. her stupid things are so funny… she thinks she looks good by doing these kind of things but she has become a laughing stock for people like me lol

  4. Big Boss is the most irritated serial I have seen. I still don’t know how can people watch them.

    I just saw once, its not my cup of tea at all.

  5. meh,

    Big Dhoos is like the most irritating content on TV ryt now, all thanks to Miss Rakhi Sawant… But damn its hilarious watching her and her stooopid stuff that she does.

    And yea, the ads are annoying, but hey, they even do that in Fimls nw :p

  6. well, being an Advertising student i will only say that this kinda shows going to rock in India in coming years..and everyone gonna relate itself with them..

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