And I won the 2nd war…

After completing Call of Duty 3 I had 2 games left to be completed. 1. Need For Speed Carbon and 2. Gears of War.

So finally today I finished Gears of War. Killed RAAM. Earlier I never used to like GOW but as I started playing more I started liking it. In fact I like it more than COD 3. Great graphics, gameplay… overall excellent game.

This game is a must buy for all XBOX 360 owners.

Now, it is time to buy couple of more games. Most probably going to buy Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas and I am yet to decide the 2nd game. And yeah, I will get one wireless card too for online game play (I hate connecting long long wires). Damn, these things are becoming so costly.


  1. Nice to see that you still manage to save some time from your busy schedule for gaming. Actually everyone should think about it, gaming really is a great way to chill out. Happy Gaming, and Happy Holidays Deep.

  2. Rohit – you are right, it really gives me some kind of relief from the work stress. I really enjoy it.

    Angad – I am not sure about it because my cousin is yet to finish it. You can buy the game from Digimart in Delhi. They are on Ebay too.

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